NBA Rumors: Amar’e Stoudemire is Willing to Come Off the Bench for Knicks


It’s no secret that Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony have never meshed. In fact, when the New York Knicks were working on a deal to acquire Anthony from the Denver Nuggets, there were several reports indicating that neither Mike D’Antoni nor Stouremire were particularly thrilled with the idea of bringing him on board.

Their concerns were obviously justified.

Anthony and D'Antoni bumped heads until the latter eventually got fired; Stoudemire, to date, has experienced his most productive periods as a Knick during stints when Anthony wasn’t playing. (Before his arrival and during the Linsanity period when Carmelo was out.)

In keeping with what we’ve seen over the past two and half years, while Stoudemire has been recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery, Anthony has been playing tremendously well as the Knicks’ lone star this season. He is having arguably his most impactful campaign ever as a pro, in fact. And his productivity is paying major-on-the-court dividends for New York.

All which brings us to the inevitable question: what happens when Stoudemire returns?

Well, according to one report, he will take a backseat to Anthony – and perhaps even come off the bench for this squad.

"All he cares about right now is helping the team and winning," a source told ESPN. "He'd be fine with coming off the bench if that's what they want…He just wants to win. He sees how well they're playing and just wants to help. He'll be fine with whatever they want to do."

If that proves to be true, the Knicks might become even more dangerous upon Stoudemire’s return. Say what you will about him being in decline and his ridiculously bloated contract – he is still an above average player. If he were to come off the bench for the Knicks, with a high octane second unit that is more about scoring than defense, he could do some serious damage.

Stay tuned, Stoudemire’s ability to acclimate to this incarnation of the Knicks will play a huge role in how far this team goes in the playoffs.  

(Kudos ESPN)

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