2010 NBA Free Agency Recap and Analysis

Sunday, July 11

New Jersey agreed to terms with guard Jordan Farmar

Ok, 7 points and 1.5 assists, 2 rings and the Nets decide he’s worth 4 MILLION a YEAR? (3 years 12 Million) Dumbasses.

Monday, July 12

Miami signed forward Udonis Haslem to a five-year contract.

This is a STEAL for Miami, who got Haslem for 5 years at 20 Millon- who was offered 34 Million for 5 by the Nuggets and Mavs. Just an awesome job here by Riley, who keeps the undersized center at a bargan rate.

Minnesota acquired forward Michael Beasley from Miami for a 2011 and 2014 second-round draft picks and cash considerations.

Khan picks up the number 2 pick in the draft for pretty much nothing.  Nice work. Holy Sheepdip! A Good move by the Khanner!!

Minnesota signed center Darko Milicic, forward Wesley Johnson and forward Lazar Hayward.

Spoke too soon -this gives Minny another second overall bust.  Add my name to the people scratching their heads over the dollar amount. Darko is a decent center a true seven footer, but why Khan is paying a 4yr 20M contract for- in his terms “another Vlade Divac” is beyond me.

By the Way-

Divac at age 24 12.8 PPG, 6.2 Reb, 2.8 APG


Darko at age 24 6.7 PPG 4.7 RPG 1.5APG

Divac went double digit rebounds the next two years by the way.

Lazar Hayward four-year, $13 million deal is interesting- Not a bad price- if he was about 25 picks earlier. Wes Johnson was 3 year 10 Million.  Can someone explain this one to me? The NBA wonders why people are spiking the draft? Way to kill ANY kind of cap room room Khan!

San Antonio signed center Tiago Splitter.

Splitter is supposed to be the best center in Europe- If he’s great like Sabonis, then awesome, if he’s Darko- same story, Spurs ride on Duncans back again with an eye on Parker’s future.

Tuesday, July 13

Charlotte traded center Tyson Chandler and center Alexis Ajinca to Dallas for center Erick Dampier, forward Eduardo Najera, guard Matt Carroll and cash considerations.

Ok, Full disclosure, I’m a Bobcats fan, as I stated- and let me hate just ONE more time on the fact that the Ajinca pick cost us TY LAWSON.

All good? ok.

Ajinca is a waste of seven feet- playing in the D-league he did go for 14 and 7. Geez I hate this guy. Anyway. Tyson is another waste of talent- but it was EXPIRING talent. Chandler can go for double digit rebounds when he gives two-tenths of a shit.

Erick Dampier is supposed to be flipped- and is not exactly an upgrade in the middle.

Eduardo Najera was one of my favorite Mav players, little talent- big effort. Problem was, that tour ended in 2004- he’s 34 this season, big effort is not going to do much for long this year.

Matt Carroll is going to backup Gerald Henderson and is basically a giveback from last year in the Diop trade. Another winner.

So basically Dallas gets a center that doesn’t care and another one that is too thin to pound the paint and Charlotte gets an old effort guy, trade bait no one wants and a backup they got rid of months ago?

Winner in this trade: Century 21.

Chicago signed forward Kyle Korver and center Omer Asik.

Korver was a bit lost in the talent pool that is the Utah Jazz, and comes in as an option to Deng’s overpaid rear. At 3 years 15 Million, not to bad a contract.

Dallas signed guard Dominique Jones.

First round rookie contract. I don’t expect the South Florida product to do much- and if he does, he’s trade bait.

Golden State signed guard Anthony Morrow and traded him to New Jersey for a 2011 second-round draft pick.

Morrow is a decent player on a 3 yr $12 million deal – This is the deals the Nets should be doing.

San Antonio agreed to terms with forward Matt Bonner.

More love for Duncan in the 4 year, $16 deal- Bonner is 6-10, and don’t mind going into the paint on occasion. Bonner is going to do the same thing he did the last few years- get a few points, get a rebound or two, and make sure Duncan’s beard trimmer has a full charge at all times.

Washington signed center Hilton Armstrong.

So? Oh you need a breakdown? 6-11, can’t score on his own, does not know how to follow his shot, and got pushed out of the paint as a senoir at UConn.

Wednesday, July 14

L.A. Lakers agreed to terms with guard Derek Fisher.

As long as Fisher wants to play- sign him.

Phoenix acquired forward Josh Childress from Atlanta for a 2012 second-round draft pick.

Way to go Atlanta! You just dumped the 6th overall pick in the 2004 draft- a guy that plays hard about 80% of the time, Is a 15/8 guy with ANY decent post help and not to shabby a defender- for a second round pick.

Acquired forward Hedo Turkoglu from Toronto for guard Leandro Barbosa and forward Dwayne Jones.

Barbosa – 9.5 PPG 1.5 APG 17.9 MPG
Hedo LY – 11.3 PPG 4.1 APG 30 MPG

Jones is nada, But look at the production above, Barbosa is also 3 years younger. I like Hedo if I have a good strongside rebounder- but Amare is no longer around. Diaw is long gone. Jason Richardson and Grant Hill are weakside.

Toronto got rid of Hedo for SOMETHING- they win ANY DEAL to get him out of town!

Houston matched Cleveland‘s offer sheet to guard Kyle Lowry.

Ok, I like Lowry- but at 3 years 24 million? Have I missed something?

Lowry needs the ball to be at all effective, cannot create his own shot but is a valid passer in the half-court, but he is not keeping Chris Paul or Tony Parker- or heck even Jason Williams up at night on defense.

Well, Agree? Disagree? Let me know. I’ll be back tommorrow with the other half of this weeks Jersey-Swapping.

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