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Complete NBA Rookies Christmas Wishlist

This time of year every one is asking for something. Whether you just celebrated Hanukkah or have Christmas coming up this weekend, you probably asked for something, or received a gift from someone. Here is what we think think each team’s rookies are asking Santa for. Some will be basketball related, others not so much.

Atlanta Hawks:

Jordan Crawford – A Chance to Shine

  • Jordan Crawford has all the tools a swing man needs, and fits right in with the athletic Hawks. Currently the rookie out of Xavier is only getting 11 minutes a night to put those skills on display. Santa may have come early for Crawford with Jamal Crawford going down with injury last week.

Pape Sy – Nothing

  • Sy should be ecstatic the Hawks decided to sign him, he doesn’t get any more wishes.

Boston Celtics:

Avery Bradley – Cold Stone Gift Cards

  • We’ve heard about NBA players having a sweet tooth and Avery Bradley is no exception. A few weeks ago Bradley went out for a midnight Cold Stone run, so he’d certainly put the gift cards to good use.

Luke Harangody – Cigars

  • Early this month one of our favorite Celtics blogs, oddly enough named Celtics Blog, dubbed Luke the human victory cigar. Add to that the Celtics history with cigars dating back to Red Auerbach, so by giving Luke a box he’ll be more and more immersed in Celtics history.

Semih Erden – A New Number

  • Sure the Celtics have retired a lot of numbers, and they have the 14 active players, but come on 86? Erden hasn’t earned the right to wear crazy numbers like Artest and other vets, so make him wear something somewhat normal.

Charlotte Bobcats:

Sherron Collins – A Call Up

  • A few NBA rookies will be looking for a call-up from the NBA D-League. Collins started the season playing very limited minutes, but appeared in 12 games before getting sent down. Hopefully after the All-Star Break Collins can rejoin his NBA club.

Chicago Bulls:

Omer Asik – Endurance

  • Asik will be seeing a lot more minutes with Joakim Noah out for up to 10 weeks. Hopefully his lungs and legs are up to it since he hasn’t seen this many minutes in the NBA yet.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Manny Harris – Glasses (unknown maker)

  • If you drew Manny Harris in your Secret Santa, hit up Lil’ Wayne and find out what glasses he wore in his performance with Eminem on That’s what he wants for Christmas.

Samardo Samuels – Bob Marley CD

  • What good Jamaican wouldn’t want a CD from Bob?

Christian Eyenga – Gift Card to Bertrands Bistro

Dallas Mavericks:

Dominique Jones – Anything with the NBA Logo

  • Dominique showed his love of the NBA with this tattoo, so we’re assuming he’d love anything to do with the NBA logo.

Denver Nuggets:

Gary Forbes – Golden Eye for Nintendo 64

  • Forbes is a fan of James Bond movies, so he’s probably a fan of the video game too. The is also classified as a first person shooter, so it’d help him fit in on a team of selfish shooters, like JR Smith.

Detroit Pistons:

Greg Monroe – Cosby Show on DVD

  • We don’t know how much Greg likes the Cosby show, but last week he was excited enough to tweet about it. Maybe he’s just a Bill Cosby fan and asked for Jello Pudding pops too.

Terrico White – Orthopedic Sneakers

  • Terrico White had been in a walking boot for some time, but reports are that the boot is off. Still, White should probably not jump right into the Louis Vuitton low tops, but opt for something more comfortable, like those all black orthopedic shoes from K-Mart.

Golden State Warriors:

Ekpe Udoh and Jeremy Lin – Better Sunglasses

  • Ekpe Udoh tweeted his fans asking if these worked for he and fellow rookie Jeremy Lin. The short answer is no, no they don’t.

Houston Rockets:

Patrick Patterson – Angry Birds Strategy Guide

  • Patterson just got called back up to the Houston Rockets, but still has to find something to don on off days. Apparently he’s a fan of Angry Birds, but is struggling with the last level. If anyone has a strategy guide ship it to P2.

Ish Smith – Tyga “Careless World” Pre-Order

  • Ish has been one of the surprise rookies this season after going undrafted. Back in October Ish was watching the Drake concert when a young Tyga caught his eye. Since Tyga has an album coming out in 2011, a pre-order would be the perfect gift.

Indiana Pacers:

Paul George and Lance Stephenson – A Coaching Change

  • No rookie is seeing the floor for the Pacers. For Stephenson it is due to some off the court issues. For George the reason is less clear. All we know is that Coach O’Brien needs to figure out a rotation, that involves at least George. If not, then a new coach is likely to top George and Stephenson’s Christmas wish list.

Los Angeles Clippers:

Blake Griffin – Invincibility

  • Blake Griffin is the runaway favorite to win Rookie of the Year, so he doesn’t need to wish for that. We also think that he’s a favorite in the Dunk Contest if he enters, so no wish there. However, all this hinges on Blake not dying in action. The way Griffin throws his body around when crashing the glass and throwing it down is a cause for some worry. Hopefully he can stay healthy all season and keep our jaws dropped.

Al-Farouq Aminu – Contact Lenses

  • Wait, Al-Farouq doesn’t even need the glasses he wears. For trying to trick us, he gets nothing.

Eric Bledsoe – Twitter App

  • The other Clippers drafted this season all use their Twitter frequently, but not Bledsoe. In fact his last update was on November 26th. We’d like to see him @ messaging Al-Farouq and Willie Warren more often.

Willie Warren – A Trade

  • Yes, the Clippers are young and down the line could be a contender. For now, he’s too far down the depth chart to make any sort of impact. He’s got Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, and Eric Bledsoe well ahead of him, so move him to another club so he can get some burn.

Los Angeles Lakers:

Devin Ebanks – An Alarm Clock

  • Devin had a few issues trying to make it to the team bus on time early this season, and only managed to make it by the grace of God. We’re thinking an alarm clock is a must if oversleeping is an issue.

Derrick Caracter – Personal Concierge

  • Caracter is the low man on the totem pole for the Lakers, which leads to a lot of chores. He has to get food, carry bags, and who knows what else. He tweeted about it, so we’re guessing he’d be happy to have someone to do the carrying on his behalf.

Memphis Grizzlies:

Xavier Henry – OJ Mayo Getting Traded

  • Henry is already starting ahead of Mayo, which is probably leading to a little bit of discomfort in the locker room. Moving Mayo would show the confidence the Grizzlies have in Henry, and solidify his starting job.

Greivis Vasquez – Cookbooks

  • Greivis Vasquez can do it all on the court, and off it apparently. On court Vasquez is filling the stat sheet for the Grizzlies with his increased playing time. Off the court Vasquez apparently is a master chef, or at least considers himself one, so he’d probably like a nice cookbook. We recommend something from Giada De Laurentiis, you know, because she’s a great chef.

Miami Heat:

Dexter Pittman – A Call Up

  • Another guy in the D-League that would much rather be on the NBA roster. The Heat are rolling and if nothing else Pittman would love to have the courtside seats. Not to mention that if a big goes down for the Heat, Pittman could step in.

Milwaukee Bucks

Larry Sanders – Corny Holiday Sweater

  • What do you get a new millionaire that has it all? A new holiday sweater to go with his Christmas colored hat. Sanders is rocking the Christmas hat already, but the hoodie leaves a little to be desired, so a new holiday sweater would be perfect. Also, some consistent playing time would be nice too.

Minnesota Timberwolves:

Wesley Johnson – Unfinished Business Hoodie

  • Johnson took to his Twitter to ask the Orange Nation to pick up one of these “Unfinished Business” hoodies. He should have enough warm clothes after living in Syracuse, but apparently the Minneapolis winters are even colder.

Lazar Hayward and Nikola Pekovic – Fur Hats

  • Minnesota use to be instrumental in the fur trade. Everyone in Minnesota should wear a cool fur hat, and these two Timberwolves rookies are no exception.

New Jersey Nets:

Derrick Favors – A Twitter Account

  • Derrick Favors is playing for an exciting young team and in the center of trade talks, but we hear very little from him. It would have been interesting to see him tweet when the Carmelo rumors were going strong. So as a Christmas gift to NBA fans, we hope Favors signs up for an account. We recommend @DerrickFavors without any mention of the Nets or a jersey number, you know, just in case.

Damion James – A Quick Recovery

  • James was starting for the Nets before going down with a broken foot. Hopefully James can bounce back quickly and finish his rookie campaign strong. In the mean time a nice walking boot would be nice too.

Ben Uzoh – Nothing

  • Being in the NBA and playing is a gift enough.

New Orleans Hornets:

Quincy Pondexter – Power Beats by Dre Headphones

  • This would be a great gift for any NBA player because of the amount of travel they do. Wait, CP3 already got them for Quincy, and the rest of the team. Nevermind.

New York Knicks:

Landry Fields, Andy Rautins, and Timofey Mozgov – Beats by Dre Headphones

  • If Quincy got a pair of Dre headphones already, then the all the Knicks’ rookies all deserve a pair too!! Like we said, great gift. Well, shit, Ray Felton apparently got the entire Knicks squad a custom pair, as you can see from this Roger Mason Jr. tweet.

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Cole Aldrich – Porche Panamera

  • Cole would like a Porche Panamera for Christmas, or at least he thinks its nice enough for Brandon Rush to get. He thinks you can find one for “probably 55,” but with a sticker price of $74,400 we’re a little skeptical.

Orlando Magic:

Daniel Orton – Bulletproof Vest

  • It’s a Gilbert Arenas gun joke. Don’t you get it? It’s because they signed Gilbert Arenas who previously was suspended for a gun related incident. That’s timely right? No? Ok I’ll stop. Hopefully he recovers quick from his knee injury.

Philadelphia 76ers:

Evan Turner – The World’s Biggest iPod

  • Run through Evan’s tweets in December. Now look at how many are related to what he’s listening to. Seems like all this dude does is hoop and listen to music, so get him the biggest iPod available so he can listen to all the great music that’s out now.

Craig Brackins – Class Act on BluRay

  • Brackins thinks this movie is a classic, so having it on BluRay would be a great affordable gift. Also, some playing time, or a call up from the D-League would be nice.

Phoenix Suns:

Gani Lawal – An Opportunity

  • Lawal got sent down to the D-League, but he’s already been brought back up. Hopefully he can stick with the Suns and not ever go back to Iowa again.

Portland Trailblazers:

Luke Babbitt, Elliot Williams, and Armon Johnson – NBA Jam for Wii

  • Elliot Williams is already awesome at the game. We think he could teach Babbitt and Johnson how to play also, and then they could take on any other team with multiple rookies in a cool tournament at All-Star Weekend.

Sacramento Kings:

DeMarcus Cousins – Pacifier

  • Cousins has slowly grown into the person many feared coming into the draft. At times he is a remarkable young talent and other times he is pouting on the bench, upset with himself and his constant foul trouble. To help DeMarcus ease his pain he certainly could use a pacifier to go with all his whining.

Pooh Jeter – Anything Religious

  • If you follow Pooh on Twitter you know that he is always thanking God. His tweet about Gameday sums it up pretty well. We’re sure he’d like anything religious, but can’t think of anything in particular.

Hassan Whiteside – A Call-Up

  • Whiteside slid into the second round of the draft and now finds himself in Reno. Whiteside is young with a long career ahead of him, but it’d be nice to see him at least on the Kings bench in the New Year.

San Antonio Spurs:

Gary Neal – Common Sense

  • Sure, Neal has had a nice run for the Spurs, but sometimes he doesn’t exactly use his head. When J.R. Smith is coming down the lane with less than a second left in the quarter, just move Gary. Or something like this is bound to happen.

Tiago Splitter – Playing Time

  • Yahoo writer Kelly Dwyer rightfully asked, what’s the deal with Tiago? We’re wondering the same thing. You’d think the Spurs would want Duncan to be resting whenever possible, but they seem intent on benching Splitter and going with the sure thing.

Toronto Raptors:

Ed Davis – New Young Jeezy Album

  • Jeezy’s last mixtape dropped in September of this year, but Ed wants the next studio album. If there is an iTunes pre-order available it’d be perfect for the newest Raptor.

Solomon Alabi – A Family for Christmas

  • Alabi isn’t going home for Christmas. He is one of only three Raptors staying in town for the holiday according to Holly MacKenzie. This really makes us sad. If we have any readers in Toronto try and get Solomon in for a good meal.

Utah Jazz:

Gordon Hayward – A New Car

  • Sure, it is admirable that Hayward opted for a Honda Accord. But for goodness sake, he’s an NBA athlete. He isn’t going to spoil himself, so one of his family members needs to step up and spoil him.

Jeremy Evans – No More Inactives

  • Evans has been the last man on the Jazz roster, which leads to getting yanked around a lot. In what we’ve seen, Evans should be suiting up every night to provide that spark off the bench if the Jazz ever need it.

Washington Wizards:

John Wall – A New Signature Shoe

  • I’ve tried all season to talk myself into Wall’s signature kicks, but just can’t. Please, Reebok, for the love of God give the man some new shoes. Starting over might be a big cost, but no one is buying pairs of the one’s out now. Not to mention to shoes may be the cause of his constant injury woes.

Trevor Booker – A Successful Website

  • Trevor wants you to check out his new website. So far nothing from Trevor, just a news post that promises to bring you the most up to date Trevor Booker news. A lot of these sites flame out, hopefully Trevor’s is different.

Kevin Seraphin – More Wizards Injuries

  • Let’s be honest, the only way Seraphin is seeing the floor this season is if more players get hurt. While it isn’t good to wish injuries on anyone, that’s the only chance of the French rookie seeing the floor this season.

Hamady N’diaye – Nothing

  • N’diaye should be in the D-League, he is the Ben Uzoh of the Washington Wizards.


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