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Wizards John Wall Forced to Choose New Number

John Wall is without a doubt the most easily branded player in this years draft. He played one electrifying year at Kentucky that had anyone following college basketball on notice.  The Wizards are lucky to have him, but the long history of the Washington franchise has made Wall alter one fundamental part of his brand, his number.

The Wizards, before they became the Wizards, actually retired number 11 for Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor.  Wall was forced to pick a new number, and he did. Number 2.

If you look at his Twitter background you can see the “11″ built into the J and W, similar to what LeBron has done with his LBJ playing off 23.  Now John Wall has selected number 2, and it’ll be the focus of his marketing team to come up with a new logo for him.

His reason for selecting 2, “just felt #2 was a good number.”  I suppose he simply added 1 + 1 to come up with it. He also mentioned he’ll be wearing it for next year, so maybe we could see a number change in his future a la LeBron and Kobe.


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