NBA Playoffs: Saturday Will Feature Three Game 7's For The First Time In History

On Saturday, something will happen that’s never happened before in the history of the NBA: three game sevens in one day.

This first round has already been nothing short of incredible, and now fans will get three game sevens in one day to close it out. Awesome.

Saturday’s action will kick off with the Hawks at the Pacers at 5:30 eastern. No one would have thought Atlanta would take the first-seeded Pacers to a game seven, but here we are. The Pacers have looked absolutely terrible for games at a time during this series, yet they still have a legitimate shot to advance. I think that says more about the team they’re playing -- the 38-44 Hawks -- than anything else.

Hibbert played so poorly in game 6 that he was benched in favor of Ian Mahinmi. Something has gone horribly wrong with Hibbert’s game, and no one seems to know how to fix it. Nevertheless, the Pacers have home court advantage for this one, and I think that will be the difference maker in this game. I’ll take the Pacers to move on and face the Wizards in round two.

Next up we’ve got the Grizzlies at the Thunder. Kevin Durant responded to the press calling him unreliable by going off for 36 points in game 6. This series has been about as even as you can get, and I think game seven will be more of the same. I’m gunna go with the (slight) upset choice here and pick Memphis to come out on top.

To close out Saturday, we’ll see the Clippers take on the Warriors in LA. These two teams have quietly started a wildly entertaining rivalry this season. Most people picked the Clippers to win this series, but the team was understandably rocked by the Donald Sterling mess. LA’s worst performance came in game 4, which was the day after the scandal surfaced. Since then, the teams have picked up one win a piece.  Not only are the Clippers at home, but they’ve looked like the stronger team for most of this series. I’m taking the Clippers to advance.

Regardless of who moves on, Saturday will be a great day for basketball lovers.


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