NBA Fan Take: Warriors Mark Jackson Getting a Ton of Support

I have been pretty vocal about my displeasure with Mark Jackson being named head coach of the Golden State Warriors. And with good reason - the guy has never coached before. Ever. 

But, I also like to keep an open mind (mostly) so I have been very interested in reading and hearing from "experts" and those in the know about the hire.

Add to the fact that the Warriors hired New Orleans top assistant Mike Malone, and the conversation changes as well.

As it relates to Malone, I have yet to read or hear any inkling of negativity around this hire. Malone is considered one of the fast rising coaching stars and the Warriors even looked at him as a head coaching candidate. Apparently he brings the X's and O's to the team, while Jackson can focus on developing talent, overall strategy and locker room presence.

Bringing us to Jackson, again my stance has softened a bit after reading and hearing lots about the hire. While some consider the selection of Jackson a bit of a risk (yes, I do agree), it is interesting to hear former players like Reggie Miller endorse the hire on Twitter saying "Great day to be a Golden St Warrior fan, my good friend Mark Jackson is taking over the reigns as Head Coach. Fasten your seat belt people!!" In addition, current players in the NBA like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are congratulating Mark Jackson and the Warriors on the hire.

In addition, here's what Kevin Durant said on Twitter, "I'm so happy Mark Jackson got the Golden St job! Well deserved and I know he's gonna do great, hopefully not against the Thunder lol"

Former Warrior, Baron Davis had this reaction, "Big move for the #DUBS... I love Mark Jackson he is like a big bro to me and a mentor. Alltime great pgs. Congrats on the new position..."

I guess you've got to look at the Mark Jackson hire as a bit of a package deal with Mike Malone and based on the initial feedback and reaction from the basketball community, it feels like there is a ton of support for Jackson.

The jury is DEFINITELY still out for me but I like the bold playoff prediction and I'm eagerly anticipating what moves come next; i.e. Monta Ellis trade, etc.

One thing is for sure... the Warriors are not boring right now (or ever).  


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