NBA Players You Should Know: Notre Dame's Keith Tower

Keith Tower didn't have a sterling college career in Notre Dame. He went undrafted in 1992. But he was picked up by Orlando the following season. He stayed there for two seasons and hardly logged any playing time (14 games and 39 TOTAL minutes).

Then he went to the Clippers in 1995-96. He easily had his most productive year there as he suited up for 34 games. He had his most productive game against Milwaukee in an early-season contest where he came off the bench to score 19 points and grab 4 boards in 25 minutes (this was the ONLY time he scored in double figures).

After the Clippers waived him, he played his last season in Milwaukee, where he only suited up for 5 games. In his four seasons with the NBA, he played 53 games and scored 98 points.

Tower would go on to be the co-founder of HighPoint Church, along with another one of our favorites, Andrew DeClercq. According to the website (not sure how updated it is), Tower is still the lead pastor at HighPoint.

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They have a nice bio about him. They said that he enjoys nachos while watching Notre Dame football and laughing with friends while playing board games. While I'm not into Notre Dame (or college in general) football, I feel like I can hang out with this guy!

TNLP would like to give Keith Tower a shoutout. Good to see him doing big things!

PHOTO CREDIT: 1) CheckOutMyCards.Com. 2) HighPoint Church Website.

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