NBA Players Help the Needy in Japan


The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has touched most people around the world as they realize natural disasters can strike anywhere and anytime. Human life can be swept away in an instant by Mother Nature and those who survive are left with the daunting task of rebuilding their shattered lives. It’s nice to see those who are privileged to help out where they can.

Over the period of March 25 to 27, several of the NBA’s top stars will be donating to the international Direct Relief Japan and Recovery Fund. These include Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and Pau Gasol. Direct Relief International is regarded as one of the best medical relief organizations in the world and it’s happy to announce that 20 basketball players in all will be participating in the money-making venture.

Several of the players will be donating $1,000.00 for each point they score in their games over the three-day time period in march. The other players involved are LaMarcus Aldridge, Al Horford, Marc Gasol, and JaVale McGee. Some players will be sending in donation of a set amount. These include Jarron Collins, DJ Augustin, Jason Collins, Tyreke Evans, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Danilo Gallinari, Antawn Jamison, Xavier Henry, Quincy Pondexter, Jason Kapono, Etan Thomas, Ben Wallace, and Brian Scalabrine.

All of the money donated will go to the Japan Relief and Recovery Fund. The money will be used to support the Japanese people’s immediate health needs as they aim for long-term recovery.

The athletes are represented by Wasserman Media Group, which is a global entertainment and sports company, and the agency hopes their actions will inspire others to do likewise and donate money to the needy cause. Direct Relief is already assisting the Japanese people and has sent emergency funds of about $1.5 million to the country. Some of this money is specifically sent for helping elderly people and those with disabilities.

It’s hoped that the players involved will be able to rack up the points over the weekend in their respective games. The players represent several NBA teams and will be involved in numerous games.


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