NBA: Orlando Hopes for Magic from Dwight Howard, Gilbert Arenas


It’s now all or nothing for the Orlando Magic.

A day after rocking the NBA with two huge moves that completely change the makeup of their team, the Magic’s intentions are beginning to emerge.

A year later, Orlando understands what the Cleveland Cavaliers went through last spring.

According to Yahoo Sports NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, slowly but surely the realization that center Dwight Howard may not re-sign with them began to sink into the minds of Magic personnel.

Apparently, general manager Otis Smith told close associates in private last week that the team’s positioning and leverage, when it came to resigning Howard, was becoming eerily similar to Cleveland and James last season -- that because the team was above average, but not top tier, the they may lose their superstar big man.

Essentially the team has opted to dig itself into a deep luxury tax hole, picking up risky contracts hoping to beat the clock to free agency 2012 with their most recent actions.

The biggest fear amongst Orlando executives is that Howard will simply walk out the exit in Shaquille O’Neal–esque fashion when his contract is up and take his magnetic, star-like personality with him to the bright lights of Los Angeles, New York or other big market.

And it was because of these fears that the team traded four of its top six players to bring in the oft-troubled Gilbert Arenas.

While Howard privately pushed for...

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