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NBA Offseason Breakdown: Nene Stays with Nuggets, Rip Hamilton to Bulls

While we expected Nene to remain a solid big man in fantasy this season, his staying in Denver is a plus. It was clear that he was being pursued heavily by the New Jersey Nets, but apparently the lure of a fifth year in his contract was one of the key factors that sealed the deal for him. Think about it. Nene in Denver sharing the paint with rookie Kenneth Faried or Al Harrington (who prefers to stay as far from the paint as possible) versus potentially being a complementary partner to Dwight Howard in New Jersey’s dream free agency haul this pre-season. That’s a no-brainer right there.

At this point it’s safe to say that Nene is going to be a reliable 4th-round draft choice for your team and makes an excellent second big especially if you’re trying to capitalize on high FG% and low turnovers.


In other news Richard Hamilton is expected to sign a two-year deal with the Chicago Bulls. We know. All you Kieth Bogans fantasy fans are bummed as hell.

Coming from the Detroit Pistons‘ doghouse last season, let’s hope that Rip’s game hasn’t atrophied faster than it should. He’s expected to start at SG and should be an immediate contributor. His medium-range game should help spread out the defense away from Carlos Boozer down low. This makes Hamilton a potential last-round flier pick in standard leagues. Expect him to chip in a few points at decent shooting percentages and the occasional trey.

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