NBA News Round-Up: Steve Nash is Hurt, Monty Williams on Concussions, Jalen Rose Steals a TV and More


The Lakers have won a game. The world may now resume as it was. And of course it won’t be enough for Lakers fans because it was just the Detroit Pistons after all.

The win saved the Lakers from their worst start since the ‘78-’79 season. Fans were starting to call for coach Mike Brown’s head and it wasn’t even four games in. I know the Lakers talk is starting to get stale, but it is the topic of the moment. After all, this is the team a lot of people picked to go to the Finals based on their talent alone. The truth is, in recent years, the Lakers have become more like the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA. On paper they have all the talent one would think a champion would need, but on the court, something just doesn’t work out right.

There are plenty of reason the Lakers are not doing well. Kobe wears a walking boot on off days, Dwight Howard is sitting on the world’s largest whoopee cushion when he comes to the bench, and now Steve Nash has a small fracture in his fibula. It's not a recipe for making a strong and fast start.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that this is a team of vets who know what to do to get where they want to go, especially Kobe and Pau. And a piece of hope, the Princeton offense is well suited for the NBA postseason. The trick is to get it down, and trust me when I tell you it's a lot to learn. It may not be the Triangle when it comes to complexity, but it has its own set of nuances. So give the boys in purple and gold a little break, I am going to try, too. Just enjoy the rest of the season and the firing of Coach Brown in the next two to three weeks.

Now let’s get started.

Over the weekend, rookie Anthony Davis suffered a concussion. He did not travel with the team the rest of the weekend or play on doctor’s orders. Hornets head coach Monty Williams was not too happy about it. Check out what he said via SB Nation:

"It's a man's game,” he said. “They're treating these guys like they're 5 years old. He desperately wanted to come, but he couldn't make it."

Williams might want to be a little more careful with his words these days. Concussions are the hot topic, and with everything we are learning about their long term effects on players, especially in the NFL, no one can be too careful.

We have some rankings for you here today. First, over at Hoops Hype, Eddie Jordan has your top 50 players this season. And we also have the MVP rankings after week one from Sheridan Hoops.

It's no secret musicians love sports and athletes love musicians. The members of Pearl Jam are huge basketball fans. The Silversun Pickups drummer loves the Lakers. Prince, well we all know how crazy Prince is about ball -- renting his house out to Boozer, Chappelle skit, appearances at Timberwolves games. But never did I think indie virtuoso Ben Folds and the Ben Folds Five were into basketball.

The North Carolina-based band loves ball apparently and would love to make some musical contributions to the Bobcats games this year, Rufus on Fire reported.

Maybe Ben Folds can answer these five burning questions about the Bobcats. If not, Ben Swanson has you covered.

And since we are talking about interesting stories that are a little off the wall, Jalen Rose gave us another story and the guys at Grantland turned it into another animated short. This time around, we find out about the time Rose stole Patrick Ewing’s TV from an airport. Best part is, it's a TV/VCR combo deal. Jalen never fails to deliver on these and the animation is great too.

Jacob Noble over at has his weekly notables for you. He discusses the Beard, Iggy, and some really shoddy defense by some really good teams.

Speaking of beards, James Harden is NBA Player of the Week. After the week he had, how could he not be? Joining him with the honor is Brandon Jennings, who had a pretty impressive first week as well. I’m not sure it was better than Rondo's, but obviously the league did.

If I need to make a case for Rondo, I could, but I’d rather just show you this amazing tip-in below and tell you he has 27 consecutive regular season games with 10-plus assists. Pretty amazing, and it puts him in some rare air with John Stockton and Magic Johnson.  Kid is out to prove something I think.

The Nets introduced their new mascot. Don't be fooled by the video in the beginning, the mascot is not Deron Williams. But it is a knight and kind of a weird-looking one at that. Good thing it's Brooklyn though, because Philly would have thrown a brick at this dude on his descent to the court.

The Nets lost forward Gerald Wallace for tonight's game due to a sprained ankle. Keith Bogans is starting in his place. Make your fantasy adjustments accordingly.

You probably don't need me or anyone else to tell you the Kings have some issues putting the ball in ye ol' peach basket, but I am and so is The Cowbell Kingdom. Kings are playing a little scattered at the moment, but as we all know, the season is young and there are always moves to be made. Wait, they are still owned by the Maloofs. Abandon hope, Sacto.

Article of the Daycomes from Tom Ziller. Ziller talks about Harden and why you are surprised he is smashing as the man in Houston and why you shouldn't be based on the Millsap Doctrine. It's a really good read.

Oh yeah, KD got posturized by JT??? Yeah, Jeff Teague put Durant on blast this weekend and helped the Hawks take down the Thunder.  Add it to the list of David vs. Goliaths in the NBA history dunk reel.

Seems like the NBA decided not to flop on the flopping mandate it made this year. The NBA officially handed out warnings to J.J. Barrea and Donald Sloan today.

Blake Griffin stopped in and visited USA Today to talk about technology, how it has changed the game of basketball and being an athlete in recent years. This isn't a mind blower, but it’s still a good watch.

Sorry, we are posting so late. I know you East Coast kids are getting into your games already, but take some time at halftime to read away and I will see you tomorrow at a much much earlier time. Until then, have a good one.

Birthdays for November 5

Player Name (playing years)

Burtt, Steve 1984-1992
Collins, James 1997-1997
Freeman, Rod 1973-1973
Howard, Otis 1978-1978
Mahinmi, Ian 2007-2010
Mayo, O.J. 2008-2010
McLeod, Keith 2003-2006
Moffett, Larry 1977-1977
Oliver, Dean 2001-2002
Sheffield, Fred 1946-1946
Stackhouse, Jerry 1995-
Walton, Bill 1974-1986

West, Mark 1983-1999


On a very sad note, Jim Durham, ESPN's lead radio play-by-play voice on the NBA, died Sunday at his home in Tomball, Texas. He was 65. Durham was the longtime radio partner of Dr. Jack Ramsay and had been with ESPN since 1996. He also worked for the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks. There are not many people who haven’t heard the man call an NBA game on the radio, and when he did, it was a beautiful thing.

Durham won awards galore with his flair for storytelling and his golden voice and will be missed dearly as the season moves forward.

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