NBA News Round-Up: Shawn Marion's ACL, Kobe Bryant's Retirement, Steve Blake's Fine and More


It's Election Day across America and I hope you are getting out there and getting your vote on before the polls close. I voted, for me of course. I figure I am the best choice. And if you vote for me, I promise there will be more NBA basketball and more games played on aircraft carriers and on the lawn of the White House. I also promise free pudding on Mondays. This should get me the vote. I hope.

Regardless, tonight, we pick our leader for the next four years and that's a pretty cool thing.

The Oklahoma City Thunder ended up losing one of their incumbents to a neighboring state last week when they could not decide if he was ready to lead a team. Houston, on the other hand, loved Harden's policies on franchise expansion and knew he was the leader of men. It seems Harden was a little disappointed the Thunder didn’t give him a lot of time to decide his future with the team and he stopped by Yahoo! Sports to talk about it.

Many people have questioned the Thunder's decision to let Harden go, critically after the teams slightly-slow start and Harden's explosion as a first option for the Rockets. One of the main questions is why would they do this and not instead offer Harden as much as possible and amnesty Perkins or someone else to get it done?

One theory is the Thunder are trying to reload and stay relevant until LeBron and Wade are out of their primes, which is what Zach Lowe talks about in our Article of the Day.

I have some injury developments and updates for you today.

First, Shawn Marion sprained his ACL and will sit out at least a week, which adds to the list of injured key Mavericks and reduces their chances of winning all 82 games.

Yesterday, we reported Gerald Henderson sprained his ankle and would miss last night's game. He has now been sidelined for 2-4 weeks. Dude is not having a great week, is he?

Josh Smith returned to practice with the Atlanta Hawks today and may play in Wednesday's game, which should excite Atlanta fans. At least, the few that are out there.

Atlanta has always seemed a bit disinterested, playing second fiddle to the Falcons and the Braves. It's a weird dichotomy considering the team's success in the 90s and now. So why the disinterest? Well, lifelong fan Rembert Browne wants to know the same thing.

You know how I promised I would take it easy on the Lakers talk? Well, I lied. Fitting considering it's Election Day, right? I may have lied, but I'll be quick about delivering these.

You know how Kobe alluded to retiring in the new two, maybe three years? It appears he lied, too. He wants to play till he is 40 now.

Steve Blake donated some cash to the David Stern rocking chair fund to the tune of 25k today when the league fined him for using offensive language toward a fan.

J.A. Adande and Israel Gutierrez are doing an interesting column over at ESPN all year called West Side | East Side. This week, they focus on the Lakers offense and how exactly it has affected the team.

KG said something nice about another player. Don't get your hopes up; it was Jared Sullinger, not Ray Allen.

Rajon Rondo can teach you more than behind-the-back passes. The Celtics point guard apparently has an affinity for Algebra as well. Hey, I need a math tutor, Rajon! Can you help?!

You know how I said the Spurs were on track to win 82 games this year Now they are only 78 games away.

That's it for the Passes tonight my friends. Don't want you to accuse me of keeping you from voting. Remember, vote for me, free pudding on Mondays. That's it. Enjoy tonight's competitions in all arenas and I will see you here tomorrow no matter what happens. Until then, have a good one!

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