NBA News Round-Up: Rajon Rondo Fights, Ricky Rubio Gets Cleared for Practice, Wizards Win and More


Good afternoon and welcome to the Bullet Passes, where the chances of David Stern reading this are dramatically slim. Cancer being cured in the next 12 hours has a better chance of happening than him reading this in the next five years, me getting married to Lauren Jackson has a way higher percentage.  But I digress.

Shall we get started? Of course we should because who wants to read me rant endlessly? Let's get to it. To Boston we go, where Rajon Rondo took a little exception to Kris Humphries' foul on Kevin Garnett.

Rondo shoving match

The interesting thing is most of the time it's the tall goon that comes to the rescue of the other guys. In this case, that would be Garnett, which is why it is so interesting to see Rondo go after Humphries like this. It just proves the Celtics might just be a cohesive team still. I like that Rondo stepped up for Garnett, even as the David to Humphries' Goliath. Some other pundits don't agree with me. One way or the other, we are waiting to find out how many games Rondo will be suspended for. Chris Sheridan thinks seven games are in order.

Also in question for the Celtics is how long they will go before they purchase some ankle insurance. They are going to need it since last night's game against the Brooklyn Nets (which they lost, 95-83) is the second time in as many weeks Pierce has found himself on the ground while his man went around him to score. Someone is getting old. Maybe they should have gotten a wheelchair to help him up after this one.

Paul Pierce ankles Joe Johnson

You know that return to Oklahoma City we talked about for James Harden? That didn't end so well. The James Gang came across some heavy gunfire and lost to the tune of 22 points while holding Harden to 17 points from the field. Ouch!

Derek Fisher seems to be the Michael Myers of the NBA. This dude will just not die, proverbially speaking of course. Just when you think he is done and his career is over, he finds a way to climb back into the driver's seat. This time, it is with the Dallas Mavericks.

Ricky Rubio has been cleared to practice; Kevin Love just a little misty-eyed. Don't look now boys and girls, but the Wolves could be rising as a power soon enough.

Hey, I didn't know if you knew this, but uhm, Kwame Brown is Kwame Brown. Now you know. And now you can wish for the time it took you to read that sentence back.

Maybe it's just me, but I think some of the Lakers' recent troubles come from the fact that they have two guys trying to play the same exact position, almost the same exact way, and not working well together.  Oh, it's not just me? Hmmm!

While we are focusing on all the big-name stars, Rob Mahoney is keeping us in the loop on first-year guys. The writer takes a look at some very early prospects for Rookie of the Year candidates, including Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis.

When I say "Black Forrest Gump" what comes to mind? If it was Chris Webber, I don't know, maybe you need to start seeing someone. That is the working but unlikely title, according to Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch, of Webber's upcoming autobiography. The studio analyst has been working on a duel release date of next year on an autobiography and documentary of his life that has been working on for the past six years.

The Sacramento Kings are looking to move their team to ... Virginia Beach!?! Wait, seriously? When the F@#$ did that happen? Do they even have enough people there to fill a stadium? Do they even like basketball in Virginia Beach? Not to mention the fact that any time a team is near a beach their ticket sales never do all that well. Case in point, the Miami Heat before the playoffs, the San Diego Chargers and a slew of other teams not named Lakers. The Maloofs are destroying the Kings, and I don't know how to feel about it other than a bit pissed. Sell your team and leave them where they are with the fans that love them. Go broke elsewhere guys; don't take this franchise with you.

Also in that "Holy shit!" category: the Washington Wizards have finally won a freakin' game. No, I'm not kidding. They actually beat the Blazers. It's insane, so insane that I'm making the recap the Article of the Day. How about them apples?

Oh, and the Wizards are not done there as Emeka Okafor channeled his inner superhero and caught a falling fan from the stands.

I think it's safe to say that will be the best day in the Wizards year this year. Also safe to say, it will not be the best day in the Bullet Passes because I will be back tomorrow with more fun and excitement. But, until then, have a good one!

Thursday, November 29

MATCH-UP                             TIME (ET)
San Antonio at Miami              8 p.m.
Denver at Golden State          10:30 p.m.

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Beshore, Del 1978-1979
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