NBA News Round-Up: Mike Brown Getting Fired, DeMar DeRozan's Bad Extension and More


Good afternoon and welcome to our Friday edition of the Bullet Passes. I am apparently your loopy and crazy guide through this mess of NBA fun. It has been a fun week so far, and I can honestly say I am happy the NBA is back with a full season for our enjoyment.

Let's recap the week and then get started.

  • Lakers lose one regular season game (10th straight, if you count the preseason); Laker fans lose their minds, want coach fired.
  • James Harden scores 37, sends huge F-you to Oklahoma City
  • NBA keeps focus on Jeremy Lin. Go figure!
  • OKC is 0-1 without Harden. Uh OH!
  • Tim Duncan rises from the dead, proverbial dead, for the third year in a row, scores 20 -plus in two games straight.
  • Spurs on pace to win all 82 games. No one cares.
  • Mark Cuban says he hopes "Lakers suck" this year.
  • Dallas signs Eddy Curry, waives Delonte West; they are now considering waiving Eddy Curry. Sounds like someone sucks at their job this year.
  • Clippers and Grizzlies met again. Apparently things are still a bit chippy between the two. Clippers won.
  • Philly is still booing anyone who is not Allen Iverson, in this case, it was an AI, just not the original.
  • Cleveland won, keeping Dan Gilbert's hopes of a title alive a little bit longer.
  • Ray Allen tried to dap KG, KG apparently didn't see him coming. Actually, KG just went Honey Badger to Allen's presence. Predictable and yet still entertaining.
  • Charlotte is winless. Surprised? To be fair, they haven't played yet along with Orlando, Atlanta, Milwaukee, New York, Brooklyn (thanks to Sandy) and Minnesota.
  • And that should cover the week ... oh and Toronto has a pretty sweet opening ceremony. I just hope it never gets vetoed by Stern for being excessive.

And now to the news.

*There is a poll over at Sheridan Hoops on when Mike Brown will be fired. Get over there, Lakers fans, and vote. I voted Monday!

*Battle L.A. is on tonight. Should be another chippy one, though chances are you won't get to see Chris Paul going at Steve Nash due to a leg bruise. But you will see plenty of Blake Griffin and the Mamba.

Speaking of the Mamba, he has a message for all you panic-ridden Lakers fans out there. "Shut up." There is more than that, but I have a flare for the dramatic if you haven't noticed.

*We saw some contract extensions this week. DeMar DeRozan was one of them and Zach Lowe over at Grantland thinks it was a bad extension.

I have a few podcasts for you.

First, former Orlando Magic coach, Stan Van Gundy, stopped over to Sheridan Hoops to visit Chris Sheridan and my friend Brian Geltzeiler. It was a very informative podcast. Enjoy!

Sam Amick, a new addition over at USA Today, joins the Cowbell Kingdom podcast to share his take on the James Harden/Kevin Martin trade.

Article of the Day (yeah, I've been slacking here) comes from Todd Dybas over at SB Nation.

Don't Call it a Comeback: The Rejuvenation of Brandon Roy. It's an excellent piece on Roy's plight to make a comeback in the NBA this year.

*Matt Moore from has a little more Dwight Howard drama from this summer. Apparently, Howard and Chris Paul had been plotting to play together for a couple years now. Yeah, I know, it's beating a dead horse, but isn't it fun?

*And, if that weren't enough about Howard's childish behaviors, Trey Kerby has some insight to some current high-jinx in L.A. as well.

*The Nets v. Knicks game was cancelled due to Superstorm Sandy, and apparently Dwyane Wade thinks this should postpone tonight's Knicks-Heat game too. Think he's scared?  Yeah, me, either.

Oh, and that Nets-Knicks game has been rescheduled for Nov. 26 at the Barclay's Center.

*While we are talking Knicks, Moke Hamilton addresses the dilemma the Knicks have with Amar'e Stoudemire.

Here's a little Portland ink. Dime Magazine has a video write-up on Will Barton's All or Nothing video series that breaks down the rookie Trailblazers' tattoos. Some pretty awesome art here.

And last but definitely not least, Ben Swanson brings us some excerpts and opinions on Michael Jordan's recent interview with the Charlotte Observer. Love Ben's work and you should too, mostly because I said so.

Well, that's a wrap for the night, boys and girls. I need to start my weekend. Honestly, I wanted to start long, but I had to do this. I was gonna phone this in too and just post a ton of pictures, but I was feeling a little like working, so here you go. Now it's time for happy hour and some basketball. I'll see you all on Monday with more Passes and hopefully something more entertaining than THE LAKERS LOSE AGAIN. Until Monday, have a good one!

Birthdays for November 2

Player Name (playing years)

Carlisle, Chet 1946-1946
Jennings, Keith 1992-1994
Laurie, Harry 1970-1970
Lee, Ron 1976-1981
Luisi, Jim 1953-1953
Nelson, DeMarcus 2008-2008
Rautins, Andy 2010-2010
Reed, Ron 1965-1966
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Sparrow, Guy 1957-1959
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Wohl, Dave 1971-1977

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