NBA News Round-Up: Lakers Lose, Rajon Rondo is a Genius, James Harden Returns to OKC and More


It's another fine, sunny, winter day here in Charm City. Unless you are a Wizards fan, then it's just another day in the doldrums. I guess that's probably where we will find Lakers fans after last night as well. Things still can't seem to get straight in L.A., and a lot of people know where to put the blame. The next few weeks should be interesting.

But I'm not here to write you long essays, directed at Pau Gasol, on the merits of trying hard in a game at all times. I'm here to aggregate the news, and then bury my emotions as a Lakers fan in a bottle of ... well ... anything. But for now, let's get the news going, shall we?

We will just start with the Lakers and get it out of the way. Might as well kill the proverbial elephant in the room, right? They lost, AGAIN, last night and this time to the Pacers. The game was dismal, with each team shooting some miserable percentage from the field and leaving the purple and gold with a final score of 79-77. The Lakers missed over 20 free throws, including four straight down the stretch that could have put them ahead.

But the game was not without its highlights. Well, it was not without a highlight because Joey Crawford was refereeing the game and we all know the guy has to be in the spotlight of everything. I'm not really a fan of Crawford's officiating style, as well as his on the court antics. The video below is no exception.

The worst part is he got the call wrong probably because he was more concerned about getting jiggy with it and making a Hollywood exit than he was in getting the call right. That or he just didn't want to do the sprinkler as his charge call. Either way, it's never a good thing when fans leave a game knowing who the officials were because of the things they did during the game.

I know what you are thinking, "You already have one video posted again today. Are you going to phone it in again?" No, I would never phone it in two days in a ... you know what, great idea. Let's phone it in again. Thanks guys and gals.

I missed sharing this Kevin Love video with you yesterday. Probably because I was watching it on repeat with all the man-crush excitement one can muster. Regardless, Kevin Love is amazing.

Speaking of my man crushes, have I ever told you I think Rajon Rondo is a basketball genius? He is and more valuable to the Celtics than you can imagine.

OK, that sounded creepy. Moving on.

Don't look now, but the 76ers are gaining a ton of momentum behind the play of Jrue Holiday and without their all-star big man. Kind of a scary thought.

Apparently there is some animosity between Drew Gooden and the Chicago Bulls. Why do I say that? Read and find out. Ah, to be rich and petty at the same time. What a life that would be.

Article of the Day: Brian Windhorst - Life after James Harden in OKC
It's a short but interesting read before tonight's matchup between Harden's Rockets and his former team, the Thunder.

Tom Ziller is only hoping Harden doesn't become the next Kevin Martin.

LeBron James is back to having the No. 1 selling jersey in the league. Blah blah blah ... yack!

Speaking of LeBron, the guys over at PTI have been hosting the show for all 10 years of his career and they decided to bring a little montage via the Grantland channel of all their rants concerning the King during that period.

Something that feels a little dirty to me is the way the NBA is still profiting off the Seattle SuperSonics with the sale of their retro gear. Not sure I get that warm, fuzzy feeling about this.

Oh, and just so we can relive that magic moment where George Hill ripped my heart out last night by coming off a pick and roll and somehow getting a layup over Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard, here you go.

From this point forward, Nick Young will be known as Swaggy P. I guess that makes sense since Pootie Tang was already taken.

The Warriors Andrew Bogut has been saying all week he hopes to play on Saturday. Well, he's not.

And that's it for today. I'm sure I missed something but hey, that's what I do, most of the time. By the way, to all the writers who might read this and say, "Hey, why aren't you posting my stuff?" Send me your stuff. Tweet it to me or Facebook or whatever. Just get at me. I cannot read the entire Internet every day -- believe me I've tried and I only got through Web sites that start with B. It's not easy. Anyway, thanks for reading and, as always, have a good one.

Wednesday, November 28

MATCH-UP                             TIME (ET)
Portland at Washington         7 p.m.
San Antonio at Orlando         7 p.m.
Brooklyn at Boston                 7:30 p.m.
Charlotte at Atlanta               7:30 p.m.
Phoenix at Detroit                  7:30 p.m.
Dallas at Chicago                     8 p.m.
New York at Milwaukee        8 p.m.
Toronto at Memphis              8 p.m.
Utah at New Orleans             8 p.m.
Houston at Oklahoma City    8 p.m.
Minnesota at LA Clippers      10:30 p.m.

Birthdays for November 28

Player Name (playing years)
Barbosa, Leandrinho 2003-2010
Bogut, Andrew 2005-2010
Collins, Don 1980-1986
Gottlieb, Leo 1946-1947
Graham, Paul 1991-1993
Green, Taurean 2007-2007
Johnson, Larry 1977-1977
Langhi, Dan 2000-2003
Newman, Johnny 1986-2001
Tarpley, Roy 1986-1994

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