NBA News Round-Up: Lakers Drama, Mehmet Okur's Retirement, Mavericks Dancers and More


It's a fantastic Thursday and we have a lot to discuss, so I think we should get to it. I'd like to start by addressing the fans, two to be exact, that have complained I don't say enough about the Knicks in these posts. To that I would say, you are right and though it's not intentional, I have overlooked the Knicks on many a day here. It's just something that happens and mostly because the Knicks are just, well, boring at the moment. But, just to show you I am a man of the people, I am going to give you want you want. Knicks talk.

The San Antonio Spurs lost last night, making everything right in my world again and leaving the New York Knicks as the last undefeated team in the league.

There you go, Knicks fan. You're right; that wasn't so hard.

Now back to the fun stuff.

The soap opera that is the Lakers simply will not go away, large in part due to the fact that they are a 1-4 super team with no signs of recovering anytime soon. Their only win was against the 0-5 Detroit Pistons; in essence, a meaningless win. And now the alarms are starting to go crazy with Laker fans: calls for the firing of Mike Brown; evil glares from Kobe to coach Brown; fans going into depression and then psycho and pepper spraying opposing teams fans.

This type of drama couldn't be written by the guys at TNT. I am eating it up, even though I die a little inside every time they lose.

For now though, Mike Brown is safe, at least according to Jim Buss. Which means Mike Brown is officially on the hot seat and should probably consider getting a real estate agent in the next few days if his guys don't get it together.

If you have been out of the loop or immersed in the political drama for the past month and want to know what the Lakers main issues are, it's simple: 1. offense, 2. defense.

Speaking of defense, Ethan Sherwood Strauss over at Bleacher Report wonders if the NBA elite can still win with defense. What do you think?

That other team in L.A. might be struggling a bit, but didn't struggle last night when Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan became the first set of teammates to go for 20-and-10 in the same game since 2006. Which means the Clippers may finally have a cohesive frontcourt. Hell, they may even have a completely cohesive team; Matt Moore seems to thinks so.

In the media, we love to talk about toxic contracts, overpaid players and the lack of cap space flexibility, but have you ever heard someone say a franchise might be too financially flexible? Yeah, me either, until now. The team accused of this issue? The Cavaliers. I say it's a nice issue to have.

O.J. Mayo has slowly improved as a player over the years and helped the Grizzles become the force they had been the past two years. So when he moved to Dallas this season, many people were looking to him to put in some work and step up his game. So far this year, he has helped keep Dallas' jayvee team toward its miracle start. Yes, it's a miracle. Don't act like you predicted the Mavs to win all these games without Dirk.

The Thunder finally revealed their alternate jerseys. I happen to love them. A lot of people hate them, but I'm kind of a simple guy most of the time. What are your thoughts?

The guys over at The Basketball Jones have dropped podcast 866, Twitter Beef at its best.

Mehmet Okur announced his retirement. I'll be honest, the guy drove me nuts every time he played the Lakers. Good luck in your future, big fella.

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The Dallas Mavericks dancers have a new look. I am a fan. Some think it's too revealing and are complaining about how much midriff is shown. The strange thing is, most times these girls wear a sequined sports bra and skirt, so these Mavericks uniforms, for all intents and purposes, are covering more skin than normal, not less. Kelly Dwyer over at Ball Don't Lie has his own opinion, though.

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated posted an interesting stat on Sulia today:

"A futile mark: Elias Sports Bureau says Detroit PG Rodney Stuckey had worst shooting start to a season in 57 years:

Stuckey, the seven-year vet who averaged 42.1 percent shooting and 13.7 ppg in his career and is currently trying to break his shooting slump tonight in Denver in his fourth game, set the sort of mark no player wants.

From the Elias Sports Bureau:

Here are the lowest field goal percentages by a player in his first three games of a season (min. 20 FGA) since the shot clock was introduced in the 1954-55 season.

Since 1954-55 (shot clock era)

Min. 20 FGA


.04348 1 - 23 2012-13 Stuckey, Rodney, Det.
.12903 4 - 31 1993-94 Stith, Bryant, Den.
.14286 3 - 21 1976-77 Davis, Ron, Atl.
.14286 3 - 21 1963-64 Green, Si, Bal.
.14815 4 - 27 2011-12 Odom, Lamar, Dal."

Article of the Day:The Greatest Team That Never Was: Dunks, drugs, and disappointment: an oral history of the 1980s Houston Rockets

A fantastic read by Jonathan Abrams about what could have been.

Apparently Kevin Garnett is not a Comcast fan ...

In case you missed what he told the AP, here it is:

"This is what this is. Did I just take a shot at Comcast? F--k it, I did. So what. I'm a Direct-TV guy anyway. Anyway look, this is what this is. I'm not helping myself, am I? F--k it, anyway that's what's this is."

The Manimal, Kenneth Faried, is still going strong this year and keeping attention focused on his high-energy style of play. He stopped by Slam to talk about that and more in an excellent Q&A. I wish they would have asked him who translates English for JaVale McGee.

I almost forgot Kyle Singler played in the NBA, and then this happened.

And to finish the day off, I'm giving you a monster jam by Demarcus Cousins.

That should finish anyone off.  I know I am spent and ready for tonight's games. I gotta go, get some whiskey and Twinkies. Until tomorrow, have a good one.

Tonight's Slate

Oklahoma City at Chicago (8 P.M. EST/5 P.M. PST)
LA Clippers at Portland (10:30 P.M. EST/7:30 P.M. PST)

Birthdays for November 8

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Evans, Maurice 2001-
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