NBA News Round-Up: James Harden's Extension, Eric Gordon's Knee Problems and More


Good afternoon and welcome to the Bullet Passes. We have a lot for you today following the season kickoff, but nothing more pressing than the Lakers losing their home opener to the jayvee squad from Dallas. And, of course, every Lakers fan is losing their mind overreacting and calling for Mike Brown's head.

It's a rather amazing thing to behold when the entire fanbase goes collectively insane because of one loss. Rest assured Lakers fans, it is way too early to panic. But if you want, feel free to read some of these:

Enjoy yo'self.

Now, let's get on to the rest of the news before I start believing all this anti-Laker propaganda.

*As we all know, it was Ring Night down in South Beach, which means it was suicide watch in Cleveland. LeBron James finally got one of the 19 or so rings he claims he will get, and I'll be honest, I wasn't a fan.

Compared to previous year's rings, I was not blown away by the look chosen by the 2011 champs. The value, yes; but the look, not so much. I have seen better looking class rings. Then again, I am a hater and I am also looking at this thing from afar. Put it on my finger and it would be the most glorious thing ever.

*You remember that kinda chippy and heated Western Conference playoff series between the Clippers and the Grizzlies? Yeah, me too. It was awesome and it's going to resume tonight. Peep the preview.

*Sometimes, players get it right; Ray Allen got it wrong. He talked about how the franchise and former teammate Rajon Rondo did him dirty. Now there is a backlash.

Andre Iguodala, on the other hand, got it right, posting a letter to the 76ers fans. Tyler Tynes has it for you.

*The Chicago Bulls may be the most interesting team to start the season. They seem to be trying to stay afloat while they wait for the return of Derrick Rose, which raises some interesting questions about the Bulls as a team.

Following up, the season also begins tonight for the Sacramento Kings against the Bulls in the Windy City. Here is a preview from the Kings view.

*Hurricane Sandy is affecting opening night games everywhere on the East Coast so it comes as no surprise that the inter-city scrum is having trouble selling tickets for their Thursday opener as well as getting there.

The Nets are trying to open a new stadium at the Barclays and Sandy couldn't have come at a worse time. I am sure Jay-Z will figure something out.

*You all should know I have a huge man-crush on Rondo's court game. I know as a Laker fan, this is sacrilege, but I have to be honest, I have never seen anyone pass the way this guy does including Steve Nash. So, of course, you will probably get a heavy dose of Rondo from me; this will be the start. Fake behind-the-back passes are just nasty.

*They may call him Mr. Glass, but they also call him Mr. Rich. Stephen Curry inked a four-year deal at about $11 million per year as was reported here as well as Ty Lawson's extension.

*The recently-waived Delonte West has put his résumé out for other teams in the league. Of course, much like everything West does, it was done unconventionally, which means he did it via Twitter. This will be a fun ride. Pun intended.

*And while we are talking Mavericks, Mark Cuban wants the Lakers to suck this year. Ease up there, big guy, your nemesis is not retired yet and if you keep talking, you may be backing up more bags of pennies to the league office.


James Harden got his extension. He is now the Rockets' designated 5-year man. Harden will be $80 million richer. Somebody trade me, please.

Eric Gordon is out indefinitely with knee problems. This is going to sound really crappy coming from me but it would've been news if he was actually ready to play. But seriously, speedy recovery, Gordon. It hasn't been the same for you since you left L.A.


And that is it for today, my fair-weather fans. Enjoy the second night of opening games and see you here tomorrow. Have a good one!

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Indiana at Toronto (7 P.M. EST/4 P.M. PST)
Denver at Philadelphia (7 P.M. EST/4 P.M. PST)
Houston at Detroit (7:30 P.M. EST/4:30 P.M. PST)
Sacramento at Chicago (8 P.M. EST/5 P.M. PST)
San Antonio at New Orleans (8 P.M. EST/5 P.M. PST)
Dallas at Utah (9 P.M. EST/6 P.M. PST)
Golden State at Phoenix (10 P.M. EST/7 P.M. PST)
Memphis at L.A. Clippers (10:30 P.M. EST/7:30 P.M. PST)
L.A. Lakers at Portland (10:30 P.M. EST/7:30 P.M. PST)

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