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NBA News Round-Up: Gregg Popovich vs. David Stern, Kobe 8 System, Ray Allen and More

Hello and welcome to this Friday's edition of the Bullet Passes. Fridays mean I phone it in and call it a day; not that I haven't been doing that all week or anything. But there isn't much in the way of news today anyway, so there isn't a whole lot to talk about.

There is the David Stern/Gregg Popovich thing. Pop decided to rest his big three. He sent them home from Miami yesterday and left his bench to do the dirty work for Miami. David Stern took small exception to this and said there will be sanctions for Pop's actions. That's when the interwebs went crazy, and now we have this mess to read.

Sheridan Hoops
SB Nation

Personally, I think both sides are right. Pop knows his team needs rest and they are old. His goal is the championship trophy. Stern has a business to run and realizes when a team is in another stadium, they need to show for the sake of the fans. Maybe if Pop had sat his team at a home game it wouldn't have been an issue. It probably would have been even less of an issue if Pop didn't say it was premeditated.

Rajon Rondo was suspended for two games by the league for doing to Kris Humphries' shoulder what Kim Kardashian did for fun. Just saying.

Charles Barkley was a sideline reporter last night for the Heat-Spurs game and got a lesson in his craft from Gregg Popovich. You get two questions, Chuck, only two.

Cowbell Kingdom has a little update on the Kings-to-Virginia Beach deal. It looks like it might just be a power play, and a weak one in my opinion.

Ray Allen is an assassin and Dime Mag has sent you all his best shots.

Kenneth Faried likes to block shots. A LOT! And, truth be told, he is pretty good at it.

Kobe Bryant's Kobe 8 system was previewed last night in L.A.  Take a look.

Now for some quick signings and outings:

Mickael Pietrus was picked up by the Toronoto Raptors in an attempt to fill the hole at small forward left open by Landry Fields and his poor start.

Yesterday, we announced Minnesota got one star back and now it looks like they might be down another one for tonight's game against the Bucks. Kevin Love is listed as questionable due to illness. Let's get on the same page here, boys.

Marvin Williams is out for the Jazz tonight and likely Saturday night with a concussion suffered in a game against the Hornets on Wednesday. In tonight's Jazz v. Oklahoma City game, Williams would have been matched up against Kevin Durant, which leaves a tough defensive hole for Utah.

And last but not least the Article of the Day and it's all about ... hair!? Bynum's and Nash's to be exact. Enjoy.

Friday, November 30

MATCH-UP                             TIME (ET)
Phoenix at Toronto                  7 p.m.
Philadelphia at Charlotte        7 p.m.
Brooklyn at Orlando                7 p.m.
Portland at Boston                   7:30 p.m.
Washington at New York        7:30 p.m.
Cleveland at Atlanta                7:30 p.m.
Detroit at Memphis                  8 p.m.
Utah at Oklahoma City            8 p.m.
Milwaukee at Minnesota         8 p.m.
Indiana at Sacramento            10 p.m.
Denver at LA Lakers               10:30 p.m.

Birthdays for November 30

Player Name (playing years)
Blount, Mark 2000-2008
Chones, Jim 1972-1981
Daye, Darren 1983-1987
Farmar, Jordan 2006-2010
Hamilton, Steve 1958-1959
Kondla, Tom 1968-1968
Kramer, Joel 1978-1982
Nocioni, Andres 2004-2010
Regan, Richie 1955-1957
Taylor, Anthony 1988-1988
Tieman, Dan 1962-1962
Townes, Linton 1982-1984
Turner, John 1991-1991
Westphal, Paul 1972-1983
Wood, David 1988-1996

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