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NBA News Round-Up: Gilbert Arenas to China, Flopping, Knicks Injuries, Grizzlies Ownership and More

Good afternoon and welcome to the Bullet Passes. As usual, we will be going through today's NBA news. And, as usual, you will meander through it like a caveman trying to read Shakespeare. Then again, that's what I feel like when I write almost anything, so I suppose we are equal.

*Speaking of equal, it seems Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady are about to be on equal footing. According to Marc Spears and Marc Stein, Arenas is about to join McGrady in China.

Arenas is on the verge of inking a one-year deal with the Guangdong Southern Tigers. China seems to be the new hotspot for players who are just out of the league. The surprising thing to me is Vince Carter is still in the NBA and his younger cousin is now in China when we were all sure Vince would be the one gone first.

*The art of flopping has come under the eye of David Stern this year, but it has been under ours for much longer. Fans are so good at recognizing flops we named them, categorized them and can even predict their emergence. It's impressive. But, in case you're a newbie to this flopping thing, Beckley Mason and friends have laid it all out for you at Hoop Idea.

*NBA GMs have decided the Heat will repeat as champions, which would probably mean a ton to me if half of them weren't inept at their jobs. Just saying.

*There is a new hoop site up dedicated to the Xs and Os of the game. It's called HoopsChalk and it looks to be off to a small, but good start. We will check in from time to time to see if the site gets off the ground with a bang this season. (REY-REY'S NOTE: R.I.P. NBAPLAYBOOK.COM.)

*The Lakers are up to some practical jokes with their new big man, even if it's at the apparent chagrin of the Mamba himself.

*Eric Koreen over at the National Post wants you to get to know Ed Davis. I suggest you listen to him and get to know Ed Davis.

*There is a piece over at that shows how Kenneth Faried, Louis Williams and DeMarcus Cousins are all statistical freaks. As if you couldn't already tell when you watched them play.

*Steve McPherson went a little crazy over at Hardwood Paroxysm today assembling charts, graphs and data upon DATA to compare real-life NBA rankings to NBA2K13 rankings, which is a logical comparison scenario, especially when you are stuck watching that farce of a presidential debate. I'm just not sure his sanity is still intact.

* We talked about Amar'e Stoudemire being out for 2-3 weeks. We didn't talk about what the Knicks would do to fill his void. Seth over at Posting and Toasting has a few ideas -- some comical, some serious. I think they were serious ... maybe not. I will neither confirm nor deny at this point.

* The Memphis Grizzlies could have new ownership by Thursday when the NBA's Board of Governors votes on the sale of the team. So far, the ownership group, led by Robert Pera, has nothing but praise preceding their purchase of the club.

And that's your news and articles from around the league. I'll be back tomorrow, I think, with more Passes. I could go into a whiskey coma before then from watching this Presidential debate that I TIVO-ed. I know I can turn it off, but I really can't. It's like a train wreck about to happen. Until tomorrow, have a good one.

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