NBA News Round-Up: Dwyane Wade Talks Lakers, Kyrie Irving Update, Kevin Durant's Backpack and More


Lakers fans, this is what the rest of the world thinks we are all like. It's only partially true, and it could be worse. We could all be Dodger fans.

The Lakers will take on Dwight Howard’s former prom suitor, the Brooklyn Nets, tonight. Should be a fun one and interesting to see if the Lakers stay on their streak. The really good news for Laker fans is Mike D'Antoni might make it into the coaches’ circle, which would effectively retire Bernie Bickerstaff with the highest winning percentage of any Laker coach.

Dwyane Wade says the Lakers’ slow start reminds him of the Heat’s slow start. I’m so glad he shared that because no one had thought of that scenario yet. He so smart.

Speaking of dumb stuff coming out of Miami, apparently Coach Spo thinks Lebron James is the team’s best ... huh? Are you sure? OK, check that. Spoelstra thinks Chris Bosh is the Heat’s best player. I know, I know, I’m making a lot out of nothing. I like to instigate sometimes, sue me. Just kidding, don’t, I have nothing left for you. Twinkies are gone and all I have is my whiskey. Just leave me be.

Chris Douglas Roberts is a good kid and great talent, but he wasn’t able to make it on an NBA roster this year so he is D-leaguing it for a while. Probably not for long though if he keeps churning out 49-point performances.

Yesterday was a day of rankings, and today will be one as well. This time, it's most improved player from Sheridan Hoops.

Chris Paul hands Tony Parker his walking papers and then seals the win for the Clippers. He is just so damn good. Plus, anytime the Spurs go down, I am happy.

The Spurs’ loss last night to the Clips is their second loss of the year and probably has some Spurs fans worried about how they will get past the Clippers if they meet in the playoffs. Jeff Garcia at Project Spurs has a few ideas of how the Spurs can accomplish that against the rising Kings of California.

I have an idea for the Spurs, more of this.

And if you’re a Clippers fan I guess you are just hoping Captain Jack keeps breaking his fingers. Not very nice of you, but let’s be honest, you're Clipper fans and you have a chip on your shoulder.

Kyrie Irving is injured again. This time, he has a broken finger. The key here is he is injured AGAIN. Are you starting to think Irving is injury prone, or is it just a Pepsi Maxx curse? After all, Kevin Love went down too.

The Toronto Raptors have been doing pretty ehh lately, but they did manage a win the other night and they are going for a second one against the Bynum-less 76ers tonight. Stranger things have happened.

And though the Raptors have been  bad so far this year, no one has been worse than the Washington Wizards, who are 0-9 to start the season and making a full-on run for the Bobcats record of futility. It seems Wizards coach Randy Wittman is none too happy about it though.

Those Canadians love their bobbleheads, and apparently they love to bobble their heads. I guess it’s a change-up from the kiss-cam, but I feel bad for Jonas Valaciunas' neck, yikes.

You know I love the Basketball Jones, and you know I love their podcasts, so here you go, Episode 874.

The Sacramento Kings are struggling mightily. They also have like 50 point guards on the team, which begs the question: where does Keith Smart go with this lineup?

You remember how Marcin Gortat wants out of Phoenix? Well, Alvin Gentry, much like the Honey Badger, doesn’t give a shit, or a shrug. There I go, instigating again.

The Article of the Day - What About Will Bynum, by Sean Corp

Ever wonder what’s in Kevin Durant’s backpack? Here’s your chance to find out.

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Tuesday, November 20

MATCH-UP                                         TIME (ET)
Toronto at Philadelphia                 7 p.m.
New York at New Orleans            8 p.m.
Brooklyn at LA Lakers                     10:30 p.m.

Birthdays for November 20

Player Name (playing years)
Bateer, Mengke 2001-2003
Boozer, Carlos 2002-2010
Bowen, Ryan 1999-2009
Childs, Chris 1994-2002
Dampier, Lou 1967-1978
Jamison, Harold 1999-2001
Jones, Ozell 1984-1985
Kelly, Arvesta 1967-1971
Mahoney, Francis 1952-1953
Martin, Cartier 2008-2010
Payak, Johnny 1949-1952
Sellers, Phil 1976-1976
Waller, Jamie 1987-1987
Zeller, Gary 1970-1971

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