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NBA News Round-Up: David Stern, Delonte West, Tyson Chandler, Evan Turner, Klay Thompson and More

Alright, here we go: another day of Bullet Passes and one day closer to David Stern's retirement. I know you have all heard this. We covered it on the site and it got covered everywhere else as well. It probably went across come police blotters in LA., and of course Clippers fans cheered and Lakers ones booed because let's be honest: even though we have Steve Nash, we are still bitter about CP3.

Regardless of what you think about the commissioner though, you have to admit he has done an excellent job in not only giving us a great basketball league, but also in growing the sport on a global level. Stern took the game international with many different players and some phenomenal memories over the past three decades but, yes, he has had his bad moments, too. The Malice In The Palace being one of the worst in memory, but every league will always have problems on that scale. The question is, how do you solve them and that is what Stern is, a problem solver.

So when these next 15 months have passed and the man that has welcomed in every rookie for the past 30 years steps down, a small part of me will feel like we are losing a great player or maybe champion is a better word because that is what Stern is and has been for the game of basketball, at least to me. Here's hoping his successor has the same love and passion for the game as his mentor.

And with that said, let the passing begin ... hmmm, let the bullets fly… eh … let the passes sail ... ah screw it. Let's begin.

*Delonte West has been suspended indefinitely by the Dallas Mavericks. Yes, again. No, not a typo! I'll file that one under "what the hell is going in Dallas" and move on. By the way, I am always wondering what is going on in Dallas. The TV show and the city. It just fascinates me in the same way Donald Trump's hair fascinates the world.

*The New York Knicks have listed center Tyson Chandler as day-to-day after an MRI revealed a bone bruise in his left knee. Chandler was hurt when he collided with Gerald Wallace of the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night. Obviously this prognosis is better than the out-for-the-season one many were predicting. At least the Knicks season isn't over before it even began ... or is it?

*We talked about the changes in the All-Star ballot yesterday and how it would affect the league overall, but we didn't really hit up its effects on individual teams. Jason Walker over at Peachtree Hoops has a take on how it will affect the Atlanta Hawks.

*The Philadelphia 76ers exercised the fourth-year option on swingman Evan Turner.

That's it. Nothing profound or funny here.

*Did a little backlogging and found this piece by Adrian Wojnarowski on Joe Dumars' new outlook on GM'ing, how he has lost his win-now mentality to focus now on building a core for the future, and how it's going. We might just see the Pistons fire up once again in the near future to hear Adrian and Joe tell it.

*For all you Klay Thompson fans out there, the Golden State Warriors announced they will exercise the third-year contract option on guard Thompson, which is for the 2013-14 NBA season. So that's something, right!?

*Here is one for the "No Shit, Sherlock!" category. Dwight Howard has finally admitted he wanted to be traded to the Nets last season. Thank God, he came clean! I mean I wasn't sleeping at night not knowing if he would ever fess up to this or not. Can we just let this story die now and stop exhuming the body?

Featured Piece of the Day goes to Ethan Sherwood Strauss over at Court Vision (one of the 800,000 places he writes for). Strauss gives us a breakdown of the different types of "small ball" played by various teams in the NBA. Informative and funny means you should enjoy this. You should also get used to Strauss being in this section a lot. Just so you know.

*Dime Magazine has a pretty cool look at the D Rose 3 Alternate Away Limited. The shoe has some interesting details that make it unique from its predecessors and probably worth checking out. Now, worth the money is a whole other question.

*Are things going to work out in Houston with Jeremy Lin? One can only wonder. But it's not off to a good start and a lot of fans are already throwing in the towel, which is stupid because it's the preseason. The Lakers are 0-6, so what does that tell you about how much it matters? But nah, the Rockets are probably a nine-seed at best.

*The Basketball Jones has a three-part NBA season preview podcast. It is thoroughly enjoyable. Give it a listen.

*The Nuggets waived Anthony Carter and Ben Uzoh, which means they only have 264 more guards to cut to get their roster down to size. Enjoy that, Denver!

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