NBA News Round-Up: Andrew Bynum's Hair, Wizards Sign Shaun Livingston, Heat Can't Play Defense and More


With the next few words, I generally like to say something interesting and profound. OK, maybe not so profound, but hopefully interesting. Today, I really don't have anything that fits either of those descriptions so I figure I’ll just go with an easy subject like Andrew Bynum’s hair.  Obviously by now you have seen it, and the progress it has made from last year to this summer to now.

The current style being borderline Ike Turner, I find myself at a semi loss of words to explain the phenomenon that is the And-doo. But I think he could do some really interesting things with it from here. You always have the Kid hairdo from Kid ‘n’ Play. There is the straightened Andre 3000 look from the Hey Ya video. There is dreadlocks and, of course, he can do the old Kenny "The Jet" Smith hairdo but maybe that is too extreme for the NBA. Maybe he should stick with the fro. One thing is for sure, Philly has a long line of hairdo fashion progression. So long as he doesn’t go lime green with it, I'm sure everything will be OK.

The Clippers made a serious statement Wednesday night when they beat the Miami Heat. One of the keys to that victory was the passing of ... wait wait ... yeah I read that right, the passing of Blake Griffin. Don't believe me, fine, believe Brett Koremenos then.  And if you still don't believe that, then maybe you can chalk it up to the Heat's poor play on defense.

We talked yesterday about the Grizzlies and their surging offense. So when I hear the question what are the Grizz gonna do against the Spurs and Knicks, I like to think ... turbocharged offense.

It's time for me to post Nobles Notables from This week he talks MVP, a couple strange darkhourse ones to be sure, and L.A.’s decision to let Mike Brown go. It's worth a read.

The Bobcats are a terror. OK, that might be pushing the limits of the word, but one person who is becoming is a terrorizer is Kemba Walker. The second-year man is making marked improvement in his game and the Cat's seem to be reaping the benefits.

Kyle Korver and Anthony Marrow stopped by PeachTree Hoops to  do a little Q&A. Enjoy! Shooters Academy: Kyle Korver and Anthony Morrow's post-practice workouts.

Ever wonder how Kobe Bryant really lives? I know you are dying to know. Well, here you go: cars, houses and helicopters galore.

My one question is what is he holding that’s purple and gold when he is getting in the helicopter. If I didn't know better, I would think it was Hulk Hands. Maybe Ironman Armour? Maybe I need to stay away from Marvel Movies for awhile.

Al Harrington is still out for the Orlando Magic with a staph infection. Let's hope he gets better soon. Staph is nothing to mess with. After all it almost ended Grant Hill’s career and his life. Get well big fella.

The Washington Wizards decided to inject some life into their offense this week by signing Shaun Livingston and letting journeymen Jannero Pargo go. I know, I have jokes.

Rasheed Wallace has always had interesting catch phrases and apparently he has trouble with people’s names, specifically Aaron Afflalo. After A.A. missed a free throw against the Knicks last night, ‘Sheed can be heard yelling "Yeah, Alfac." Now, it could have been either Ben Affleck was in the stands and ‘Sheed wanted to say hi, or he decided Afflalo was the insurance company AFLAC. I’m not sure which, all I know is it was hilarious, like most everything ‘Sheed says in game.

Speaking of insurance, Ray Allen needs some ankle insurance after his encounter with Jamal Crawford:

All-Star ballots have been released and, as usual, there are some notable people missing from it. And then there are a few who probably do not belong, like Ricky Rubio, who might be an All-Star, but should not be in the equation for this year, considering he has yet to log a single minute of play time.

Article of the Day: Paul Flannery : Al Jefferson is all grown up

And just because I love you all, we have a second Article of the Day. Enjoy the reading kids. Marv Albert Comes Home

Jeff Green went all EFF YOU on the Utah Jazz with this monster dunk last night.

The depleted Timberwolves have come to terms with Josh Howard. He should be a Band-Aid until they get their team healthy. If they ever get their team healthy.

We talked about Royce White’s anxiety issues and his distance from the Houston Rockets yesterday. It appears the Rockets plan to fine him for every day he misses from this point forward, not a good thing for White. I know he wants to have a better feeling of love from the Rockets, but this is a business and it's doubtful his life in the NBA would be similar to high school or college life. He is going to have to find a way to get what he needs in another way or he will find himself out of the NBA.

Birthdays for November 15

Player Name (playing years)
Acres, Mark 1987-1992
Afflalo, Arron 2007-2010
Anthony, Greg 1991-2001
Dandridge, Bob 1969-1981
Davidson, Jermareo 2007-2008
Hendrix, Richard 2008-2010
Malamed, Lionel 1948-1948
Pavlovic, Aleksandar 2003-2010
Vianna, Joao 1991-1991

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