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NBA News Round-Up: Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant, Austin Rivers, LeBron James, Danny Granger and More

Hello and welcome to another day of the Bullet Passes. It's a fine day here on the East Coast. Pretty warm thanks to all that smog and Co2 we love to create, oh, so much. But I am not here to lecture you on smog or predict the end of the world. I am here to feed you news and let other people predict the NBA. That is exactly what we will do today.

*Zach Lowe gives us 26 bold prediction for the upcoming NBA season. My favorite prediction? Jared Sullinger Will Cement His Hall of Fame Case. Zach makes some great point as well as makes you laugh. Check it out.

* Here is an easy prediction: Andrew Bynum will not play in all 82 games this season. Which is exactly what the Sixers announced today when they said the newly acquired center would be doubtful for the opener. Another bold prediction: every Laker fan will be happy about the Bynum trade at the end of the year, including yours truly.

* In other Laker-related news, Kobe Bryant is out for the rest of the preseason due to a sore right foot. He is obviously not going to be happy about being out, is already in the gym working out to get better, and vows to destroy every team when he returns. I like to call stuff like this, "Kobe Problems."

*Earlier today, we told you the NBA will not have centers on the All-Star fan voting ballot anymore. Instead, you will vote for three frontcourt players. Of course, this will not stop China from voting Yao Ming in even though he is not playing anymore. Bet me.

*Hornets rookie Austin Rivers, son of Doc, (I feel stupid that I had to tell you that but just in case you don't know) has been listed as day-to-day after twisting his right ankle during a preseason game against the Dallas Mavericks. The injury apparently has Stephen Curry upset as he seems to believe that he has exclusive rights to all ankle related injuries in the league.

* Could LeBron James have a 20-assist game? Apparently, Mike Krzyzewski thinks it's possible. Listen, I love LeBron and this is possible. I just want him to get it out of the way before the finals. He obviously has the ability and the weapons to accomplish this feat. Do any of you remember the last 20-assist game and who gave the performance?

*Danny Granger think that teams in the league are no longer overlooking the Pacers but the media still is. He is right. Call us when you beat the Heat.

* As the season fast approaches there are a ton of rookies and journeymen trying to make teams all over the league. In case you don't know who is out there and what they are up against, Hoopshype has given you a wonderful list. I'm rooting for Earl Barron. Dude has tried out for 20 different NBA teams at this point. Talk about perserverance.

* Trade rumors are starting to swirl around players. The Orlando Magic's Al Harrington is on that list, apparently.

* Scott Gleeson from USA today is here to tell you youngsters that LeBron, Wade, and the Boshtrich are hardly the first "Big Three" to make an appearance in the league. In other words, STOP CALLING THEM THE F*****G BIG THREE.

* The Knicks look like they are planning on moving Carmelo Anthony to power forward position while Amare' Stoudimire sits out due to a cyst. Good move of bad move? Adi Joseph thinks it makes perfect sense.

*Are the Bobcats fading from existence? What's that? Who are the Bobcats? I, along with the rest of the leagues GM's, rest my case.

*Hardwood Paroxysm released their Season Previews today. Just click here and read your life away. Enjoyably, of course.

*The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to unveil their new court this upcoming Tuesday. I know I know, You are all dying to see it. Simmer down a bit it will be here soon enough. .....What? There is no link. I said Tuesday dumb dumb.

* The Cavaliers did decide to pick up the option for coach Byron Scott according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Fear the Sword. There. Are you happy? There are links upon links there for you, sheesh.

*My Shot of the Week: Goes to John Lucas III. I'm impressed and you should be, too. Maybe when the season starts, I will go to a shot of the day. OK, let's be honest; this will only appear when I feel impressed by something and I come out of my tastycakes coma long enough to remember.

OK, That's all I have for today. If you want more, you will actually need to click something and surf the interwebs or just wait until I post more tomorrow. Until then, have a good one!

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