NBA News Round-Up: Andrew Bynum Gets Hurt, Steve Nash is Still Out, Power Rankings and More


That not-so-great feeling you might be sensing is coming from the Philadelphia area, where they found out this weekend their prize center, Andrew Bynum, has had a setback with one of his injured knees. In this case, his left one. The kicker? He did it while bowling.  Yeah, you heard me, bowling.  I mean, I guess you can get some torque on your knee when you follow through, or maybe some snot-nosed 10-year-old threw his ball into the center’s knee. Whatever it was, I have to say I find the whole thing a bit funny. The positive is at least he didn't hurt it while out partying and making it rain.

The hard part about Bynum’s injury is that it puts the Sixers in a bad spot going forward, leaving them exposed to the possibility of a low seed in the playoffs or not making it at all if they have a bad month.  Chris Sheridan has a podcast at Sheridan Hoops talking about that exactly.

Since we are talking about standings, we might as well talk power rankingsand power rankings and more power rankings.

Well, Monday seems to be a downer so far. Let's just keep running with it, into a hot sunny desert with tons of cacti, which is exactly where Marcin Gortat no longer wants to be. Just going to give you some notes here, Marcin. You don't want to be traded. There are no cool warm weather cities that can afford you right now, and the way Minnesota keeps losing players, you are liable to get traded there. Just sayin.

And speaking of those pesky wolf cubs, it looks like the comeback of Brandon Roy has hit a snag; the recently-unretired vet will need another knee surgery to continue his career. He is only supposed to be out for three weeks.

More injury news brings us down to Charlotte, where the Bobcats got bad news about Tyrus Thomas.  An MRI of Thomas’ leg revealed a second-degree strain of his left calf muscle and a tear of the plantaris muscle, a smaller muscle that assists the calf in plantar flexing the ankle. Not good news for a Bobcats team that has been fighting to get out of the NBA cellar.

The Lakers also got bad news about Steve Nash; seems like Mr. Methusila will be out another week with his leg fracture. Did you hear that? That was the sound of despair in L.A.  At least they have won four of their last five games.

The lone bright spot this Monday is our Article of the Day -- The Two Lives of Zach Randolph by Jonathan Abrams

Have you ever considered Mike Dunleavy Jr. to be a top notch player? Enough to give him the name Funleavy? Yeah, me either, but Brew Hoop has, so go read it.

In a non-NBA-related matter but still related, it seems Allen Iverson’s younger cousin, Kuran Iverson, is making a name for himselfin some recent prep showcases. Who says basketball isn’t genetic?

And last but not least, for any of you kids that make it into the NBA in the future, here is a not-to-do, courtesy of Damien Lillard.

Birthdays for November 19

Player Name (playing years)
Anderson, Richard 1982-1989
Bailey, Toby 1998-1999
Banks, Marcus 2003-2010
Brewer, Jamison 2001-
Krautblatt, Herb 1948-1948
Patrick, Myles 1980-1980
Payne, Tom 1971-1971
Radmanovic, Vladimir 2001-2010
Thomas, Ron 1972-1975

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