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NBA News: Lakers Very Mad that Clippers Got Chris Paul

Remember when the Los Angeles Lakers traded for New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul? It was a three-team deal that also sent Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol packing. Great deal for everyone, right?

Wrong. The NBA, which owns the New Orleans Hornets (that makes sense, right?), stepped in and vetoed the deal. Just about everyone associated with sports thought it was completely ridiculous. And it was.

So, imagine the ire of the Lakers when they see that CP3 was indeed traded to Los Angeles…but to the Clippers.

And a source tells the Los Angeles Times that the Lakers are absolutely “fuming” over the whole situation, despite the fact that GM Mitch Kupchak hasn’t said much publicly.

“We did the best we can to express our displeasure,” Kupchak said Monday.

We don’t blame the Lakers one bit. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. The NBA needs to find a proper owner for the Hornets pronto and stop acting like that a-hole in your fantasy football league that vetoes trades regardless of whether they are fair or not.


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