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NBA News: Chalmers, Jones to Remain with Miami Heat

By Diego Quezada

Restricted free agent Mario Chalmers followed in Shane Battier’s footsteps, announcing on Twitter that he would return to the Miami Heat.

Additionally, James Jones’ agent told Fox Sports Florida that the 3-point sharpshooter would return to his hometown team on a three-year, guaranteed contract. The contract details for both players are unknown as of now.

Chalmers will likely hold on to the starting point guard spot he earned in Game 6 of the 2011 NBA Finals, with rookie Norris Cole behind him. Unless the Heat sign another veteran point guard – and I don’t see Chauncey Billups making it through the waiver process – expect the Kansas standout to receive big minutes, at least before Mike Miller returns. Jones’ role remains uncertain, with the Heat signing Battier and appearing not to amnesty Miller.

With such a great season last year for Jones – including winning the 3-Point Shooutout at All-Star Weekend – I thought the University of Miami product wanted to go to a team that gave him playing time.

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