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NBA Lockout Victims: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Looks like the NBA lockout has resulted in one of its greatest travesties yet…

Kim Kardashian has officially filed for divorce from former NJ Nets player, Kris Humphries. Rumored reports of troubles have been swirling since before the star-studded wedding just 72 days ago.

With the NBA lockout still in full effect, Kris was a full-on tag-a-long during the taping of the second season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. All play and no work made Kris a lazy looking bum to the self-professed workaholic Kim. From the beginning Humphries underestimated the power of the Kardashian and her intentions to take over the world, with some help from her sister K’s, Khloe and Kourtney, and mom-ager Kris Jenner.

The “I don’t give a shiznit” Humphries was recently caught pressuring Kim to start the baby making in his home state of Minnesota. When Kim asked about her career in LA, her arrogant and jealous loving husband informed her that soon “nobody will probably care about you”. Careers and frigid weather aside, can you picture Kim K and her offspring with a Fargo accent? Yeah… I didn’t think so.

You would think that Kim and Kris would have done a little more talking and a little less “Humphring” before saying their I Do’s.

And they said it wouldn’t last… and as usual in Hollywood, they were right. Who knows… maybe we’ll see a Reggie Bush reunion in the near future?

Kim in a bikini = HOT. Kim in a ski parka = NOT. Win for Miami!


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