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NBA Lockout Update: J.R. Smith, Andrei Kirilenko Hurt Badly Overseas

In a weekend that will no doubt serve as a cautionary tale for any and all NBA players considering venturing overseas over the course of this NBA lockout, both J.R. Smith and Andrei Kirilenko went down with ugly looking injuries.

During a game in Moscow on Saturday, Kirilenko got hit with an unintentional shot to the face and suffered a broken nose and concussion.

Check out a photo and video of the incident below.

All things considered, though, given what happened to Smith on Sunday, Kirilenko should probably consider himself fortunate.

In his first outing with his Chinese team, Smith -- of Denver Nuggets fame -- went down with an extremely painful-looking knee injury.

Apparently, the outspoken NBA gunner couldn’t even walk back into the locker room, and had to be carried to an ambulance by teammates. As of this moment, his exact injury hasn’t been identified, but if it’s as serious as it looked, it could severely hamper his free agent prospects back in the NBA.

Check out a photo of Smith writhing in pain, and a video of his injury below.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for their speedy reporting on the matter)


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