NBA Lockout Update: David Stern Threatens Players


In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the excitement surrounding MLB and the NFL you haven’t, the NBA is in a lockout. No, it’s true. There is a work stoppage and the two sides don’t seem close to hammering out an agreement (and there is very little public pressure to do so, because…no one cares).

According to Mark Stein of, Commissioner David Stern will threaten to cancel the season if no progress is made by this weekend.

“When NBA labor talks resume Friday,” Stein writes. “NBA commissioner David Stern is planning to threaten players with the cancellation of the entire 2011-12 season if the sides haven’t made major progress toward a deal by the end of the weekend, according to sources close to the talks.”

And then what? No NBA? Ohhhh noooo! No me-first, individual basketball for a whole year? You’re killing us!

But, there is good news. NBA spokesman Tim Frank apparently said that’s not the case.

“NBA denies Stern will threaten cancellation of entire season if no progress after weekend. “It’s simply not true,” spokesman Tim Frank says,” some guy named Brian Mahoney said on Twitter.

The NBA should be most concerned about the fact that no. one. cares. The NBA can be fun at times, but just doesn’t capture the American public the way baseball and football do. Hell, it doesn’t capture us like hockey does!

So yeah, take your time, NBA.


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