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NBA Lockout Fun: Lakers Kobe Bryant Allegedly Injures Man in Church

Kobe Bryant just can’t keep himself out of the headlines these days.

According to multiple reports, Bryant allegedly injured a man’s wrist while attending church with his family this past Sunday. As per CBS Los Angeles, the incident occurred at St. Therese of Camel Church in San Diego, when the Lakers superstar noticed a man who appeared to be taking a photo of his wife, Vanessa.

After confronting the man, Bryant reportedly ripped the phone out of his hand and examined the photos. Despite his initial concerns, Kobe didn’t find any photos of his wife on the man’s phone and returned it promptly. As a result of the confrontation, though, the LA Times reports that Bryant opted to leave the service early.

The victim of Bryant’s “attack” would be treated at a local hospital for a minor wrist sprain. Now, the man is contemplating levying a lawsuit against Bryant for injuries sustained.

For whatever reason, Vanessa tends to be at the root of many of the problems that Kobe encounters. At one point in 2004, when the Lakers were on their legendary quest to secure a title with four Hall of Famers in their starting lineup, Bryant famously got into an altercation with Karl Malone over comments that the latter made regarding Vanessa.

Furthermore, earlier this year when Pau Gasol struggled during the postseason due to “personal problems,“ some alleged that the personal problems were at least partially caused by Vanessa’s interference in Gasol’s relationship with his girlfriend. Whether or not those rumors were true was never confirmed, but it’s certainly another chapter in the Vanessa Bryant myth.

For now, Bryant appears to be focused strictly on basketball. He is reportedly weighing a $1.5 million per month offer to go play overseas until the NBA lockout comes to a conclusion; though, he has been reluctant to comment on the rumors.


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