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NBA Lockout Fallout: Escort Services Hit Particularly Hard

There are two layers of hurt as it relates to the current, extremely unfortunate NBA lockout.

In the second layer, you have the fans and supporters of the league who are deeply invested in the proceedings emotionally. These folks love and support the NBA, and find themselves a bit upset that they can’t watch their favorite sport as they've grown accustomed to watching it.

Unfortunately, while individuals on the second layer are hurting emotionally, there are people on the first level who are hurting financially. As in, they can’t put food on their family’s table because millionaire players and billionaire owners are having trouble deciding whether they want to split up $4 billion in 50-50 or 52-48 fashion.

In a recent piece by CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell, a light was shined on all of the people and businesses struggling financially as a result of what’s happening in the NBA right now. Among the people struggling most are radio hosts, sports announcers and various types of freelance reporters. The businesses struggling include restaurants, arenas and apparel companies.

Oh yeah, and escort services. You can’t forget about the escort services.

As per Rovell:

A 30 percent decline seems to be the magic number, even for Henry, who runs an escort service in New York that he says charges between $400 and $4,000 an hour, depending on the woman.

Henry says he takes between 65 and 80 percent of the total cut to match the players and other high-profile fans, who are with the client an average of four hours.

"There are replacements but they aren't as consistent and not nearly as high paying," Henry said.

It’s a sad day when escort services can’t count on NBA players and owners coming together to support a common goal.

Charlie Sheen can’t save them all.

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