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Lakers Bynum Hurts Right Knee vs. Spurs; Out vs. Kings

Andrew Bynum may have been the one to slip and fall during Tuesday night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs, but it was Los Angeles Lakers fans all over the city who winced.

Not again.

With the playoffs, otherwise known as “that one thing the Lakers keep waiting for to start taking the season seriously” a mere two games away, the Lakers faced off against the Spurs with playoff positioning on the line. And while L.A. beat a San Antonio team missing its three stars, it came at a price.

In the second quarter, while running down the court, Bynum stepped on DeJuan Blair’s foot and fell in an extremely awkward manner underneath the Lakers basket. Later on, the Lakers revealed that their young, annoyingly injury prone center was diagnosed with a hyperextension of his right knee. And yes, that right knee is the same one which was surgically repaired last summer.

According to the team, he will neither play against the Sacramento Kings Wednesday night, nor will he travel with the team to the venue.

The worst part of this whole mess is something Jim Rome summed up with a quick tweet shortly thereafter:

“If the #Lakers had taken care of their business, Andrew Bynum would have been on bench, not on the floor, where he could jack up his knee.”

It stings because it’s true.


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