NBA Labor Discussions Stall; Fans Don't Seem to Care


In case you hadn’t noticed, and judging by the minimal complaints you haven’t, the NBA is mired in a lockout. The players and owners met on Tuesday to work on a resolution, but it didn’t go so well and many think there might not be a season this year.

Ken Berger of CBS quotes Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher as saying things ain’t lookin’ so hot.

“Fisher: “We’re not marching towards a deal at this time or at any time we an [sic] predict.” That’s a killer quote,” Berger tweets.

The owners seem dead set on a hard salary cap and the players don’t like it. While there is still time that something can be done, it seems that at least part of the season will be missed.

In fact, the union head, Billy Hunter, has reportedly already told players that they can expect to sit out half the season before any kind of deal is struck.

The real question is: Does anyone care?


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