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NBA: Heat’s Bosh Denies Marriage; Marriage License Disagrees

I’d expect nothing less than this type of mystery from the Miami Heat. Never forget, this is the team that re-introduced crying in the locker room after regular season losses, and brought WWE-style light shows to pre-season introductions.

When asked on Saturday about marrying his fiancée Adrienne Nicole Williams at a team practice, Chris Bosh denied any such event occurring.

“Not yet,” he told reporters.

Right, of course not. And the shoulder bump that LeBron James gave to Erik Spoelstra a few months ago, that was simply “accidental” -- in case you missed it.

Luckily, TMZ was on the scene, and they uncovered a marriage license issued on April 5 to groom Christopher Wesson (like the gun?) Bosh and bride Adrienne Nicole Williams. Based on the Miami-Dade records, the wedding by “clergy” occurred on April 9 in Miami Beach. If that date sounds familiar, it’s because that was a week before the start of the playoffs.

Why the big secret? Maybe Bosh was hoping to make the reveal on a big ESPN hour-long special hosted by Jim Gray. Fear not, though, all profits from the advertising would no doubt go to some children’s charity in Beverly Hills.


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