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NBA Hall-of-Famer Says Delonte West Slept with LeBron James’ Mom

What started out as a ridiculous Internet rumor is now gaining more attention from the national media. Today, Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy appeared on ESPN Radio and had this to say when asked about whether Delonte West sleeping with LeBron James’ mother is a true:

“It ain’t no rumor.”

Murphy, for his part, did not even acknowledge the relationship between West and James’ mother as something that might have happened. Instead, he called the story “absolutely true” and something that everyone in the league knew about. According to Murphy, West may not have been the only NBA player to get Ms. James’ autograph.

The whole ridiculous scandal -- if you even want to call it that -- could not come at a worse time for the Cleveland Cavaliers. West is a somewhat useless guard for the team, and James is the soon-to-be official free agent that the Cavaliers would kill, maim, and steal for.

If anything were to happen to West at this point, though, it was certainly give the story much more credibility.

After Cleveland was knocked out of the Eastern Conference semifinals by the Boston Celtics a week ago, rumors about Cleveland's King began to circulate online. One of the rumors was that James’ sloppy play had to do with the fact that he found out about the relationship that his teammate had been having with his mom.

A few days after the online rumor mill had its way with the story, a source close to James came out to deny the allegations. Later, TMZ obtained a cease-and-desist letter sent to a blog site that tried to publish the alleged affair as fact. A copy of the letter courtesy of the Huffington Post can be found below.

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The entire interview with Murphy can be found here.

More details will ultimately emerge as this story continues to grow legs, and fans probably will find out whether the allegations are true. For now, however, LeBron-haters can enjoy some of the great headlines that the story has brought us.

My personal favorite: Delonte West Nailing Jumpers, LeBron James' Mom?

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