NBA GMs: Sorry LeBron, Heat Title Belongs to Lakers

The NBA general managers have spoken, and they don’t see the Three Musketeers-led Miami Heat dethroning the Los Angeles Lakers any time soon. They also don’t believe LeBron James has what it takes to remain the league’s Most Valuable Player.

In an annual survey of NBA GMs, 63 percent of those responding thought the Lakers would win the NBA championship in 2010-11. Only about a third felt the Heat had a shot at winning their first of six guaranteed titles this season.

However, if it makes Miami fans feel any better, the Heat were picked by 70.4 percent of voters to win the Eastern Conference. Considering that James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have combined for two total appearances in the NBA Finals in 21 combined years in the league, maybe they’ll just be thankful to get there.

The Heat were also picked by an overwhelming 74.1 percent of voters to win the Southeast Division. The only real losers there are the fans, who will no doubt have to hear more Orlando Magic whining about not getting enough respect.

As far as the MVP race: Two-thirds of the voting members believe this is Kevin Durant’s year to shine. Following the Oklahoma City Thunder star, the execs selected Kobe Bryant as the second most likely to win the MVP with 25.9 percent of the votes. James came in third with a mere one vote. (Damn you Pat Riley!)

The last time this many people voted gainst James was during his Q-Rating implosion.

When asked what player they would most want to build a team around...

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