NBA GMs Pick Spurs To Repeat, Name LeBron NBA's Best Player


Two things are very clear after looking at this year’s NBA general manager survey: the league’s brass thinks very highly of the Spurs, and LeBron James is widely viewed as the league's best player.

Every GM in the league participated in the survey, which asked them questions like “Who is the NBA’s best player?” and “Who is the NBA’s best coach?” The only caveat for managers was that they were not allowed to vote for their own coaches or players.

First things first: the Spurs. The survey made it crystal clear that the league’s GMs view San Antonio as the class of the league. Here’s a list of accolades the Spurs organization and players were awarded on the survey:

- Team most likely to win the 2015 NBA Finals

- Team most likely to win the Western Conference Finals

- Team most likely to win the Southwest division

- Best head coach – Gregg Popovich

- Best personal motivator – Gregg Popovich

- Best coach at making in-game adjustments – Gregg Popovich

- Best offensive scheme – Gregg Popovich

- Best leader – Tim Duncan

- Best role player – Boris Diaw

Pretty incredible, huh? No other team came close to matching the number of votes handed to the Spurs organization.

Onto LeBron James.

NBA fans can debate all day about who the league’s best player is, but the league's general managers seem to have their minds made up. LeBron was voted the top player in 10 different categories on the survey -- a figure that no other player in the league sniffed. LeBron was voted by the GM’s as the:

- Player most likely to win the 2014-2015 MVP award

- Player GM’s would choose to start a franchise with

- Player who forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments

- Best small forward in the NBA

- Best perimeter defender in the NBA

- Most athletic player in the NBA

- Most dangerous player on the open floor

- Best finisher at the rim

- Most impactful offseason signing

- Most surprising offseason move

Congrats to both parties on some serious domination.


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