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NBA Free Agency Roundup

The hype of the 2010 Free Agency will mightily surpass what will actually go down in the next week or so. The rumors that are swirling are blowing stronger than a twister in the great plains. Here is a rundown of what has happened and some of the rumors circling about.

Rudy Gay Re-signed with the Memphis Grizzlies for $80M and 5 years. A nice young group in Memphis and Gay is the centerpiece. They needed to bring him back to continue their run, but I think they will be disappointed in this salary a couple of years from now.

Lebron James Met with the Nets and Knicks yesterday. The Nets pitched a clothing line and advice from a billionaire and the Knicks pitched Lebron to be the billion dollar athlete in NYC. We are still talking about NBA free agency right? Next up Clips and Heat today with the Bulls and Cavs batting cleanup tomorrow.

Drew Gooden Signed $32M for 5 years with the Bucks. Yep, Drew Gooden signed for $34M! The Bucks would have been better off with Dwight Gooden. At least the money would go to some good blow.

Amir Johnson Signed $34M for 5 years with the Raptors. Brian Colangelo has now spent $130+ million in the past few years on Jose Calderon, Turkoglu and Amir Johnson. Still think he is a great GM?

Darko Milic Signed a $20M for 5 years contract with the worst GM in the NBA David Kahn. Honestly, this guy is in the running for the Isiah Thomas award.

Channing Frye and Hakim Warrick Both signed by the Phoenix Suns. The Suns had to bring back Frye and Warrick is a nice addtion if the Suns are able to bring back…

Amare Stoudemire Signs are pointing to Stoudemire not coming back to the Suns when he broke off talks. Supposedly, the Rockets are offering an Ariza, Scola and Battier deal for Stoudemire or Bosh. The question would be if Stoudemire or Bosh want to go to Houston to complete the sign and trade. If I am the Suns or Raptors, I drug and kidnap my PF and deliver him to Houston to complete the trade. IMO, way too good of a deal. Way too good. Especially for guys who are going to walk and you get nothing in return.

Ray Felton Word is he is out in Charlotte. He will definitely have his options with a weak PG free agent class. Time will tell where he ends up.

Dirk Nowitzki He is meeting with the Mavs today. If I am him, I am not resigning. Look at the Bulls, Knicks or Heat, maybe even the Nets.

Joe Johnson Signing for the Max with the Hawks. MISTAKE! Way too much money for Johnson. The Hawks will never be able to get over the hump because of this contract right here.

John Salmons Still out there though he has a 5 year $39M deal from the Bucks on the table. Guys like Salmons should wait it out and see where the other pieces fall. Teams will get desperate when they aren’t able to sign James, Johnson, Bosh or Stoudemire (Knicks, Nets).

Carlos Boozer Making the rounds. Meeting with the Heat, Bulls, Jazz.

Phil Jackson Coming back to the Lakers.

Jordan Farmar Supposedly getting interest from the Knicks.

Steve Blake There are a number of teams looking to sign him on the cheap.

Paul Pierce Very close to re-signing with the Celtics. 4 years and $61M.

Brendan Haywood Meeting with the Mavs, but he has plenty of teams who will look to him for services after the big names come off the board. If Amir Johnson got $7M/year, Haywood will be looking around $10M/year.


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