NBA Fan Take: Raptors Jose Calderon Continues to Impress

Jose Calderon's play is worthy of a Clyde Fraizer type reference. He's been balling these last two games. Averaging about 28 points in the contests, Jose Calderon still can play. After facing warranted criticism in years past, he's stepped up when needed. Without Andrea Bargnani and Jerryd Bayless, scoring is missing in Toronto. Jose Calderon is hitting big shots and playing an all around solid game right now.

Jose Calderon and his heroics are going under the radar. Why? Biggest factor right now is he ran up against Jeremy Lin last night. Case you missed it, Lin burned the Raps for the game winner. Impressive for sure. Jeremy Lin is another post in itself. My point is that Jose Calderon is still more than capable at age 30.

Jose Calderon can step up, make contested shots, drive and dish and make winning plays. When the Raptors full team is active, his role isn't as expansive. He doesn't need to score as much in order to keep the ship afloat. Jose Calderon only needs to get the team into their offense and score here and there when Andrea Bargnani is commanding his touches.

Jose Calderon's average of 11 PPG is deceiving. While that's what he gets on a regular basis, he's capable of doubling that each night. Best thing about his scoring prowess is that doesn't means he forgets to pass the ball. His assists are consistent and that's a monumental plus.

Word to the wise: while everyone goes nuts over Jeremy Lin, don't forget Jose Calderon is still effective. Jeremy Lin is hot right now because he's the new car on the lot. Jose Calderon is the Volvo in the room. Jose Calderon is mostly solid, he may have his breakdowns here and there, but he consistently performs well. While Jose Calderon is no star, he is definitely rock solid.

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