NBA Fan Take: The Problem with this Shortened Season

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This NBA season has gone by quicker than a marathon runner paired against a turtle. Games come swiftly, there's little time to even think about a game you just watched, let alone gear up for five more. Could it be more difficult? Surely, life away from basketball can take your focus off ALL of the basketball! It's been a season where life has gotten in the way at times, which makes me yearn for a decelerated season. What's the plus side and down sides to the accelerated season?

The plus side is simple: if you've got absolute focus on NBA basketball, you will rarely be left wanting more. There's consistent (nearly constant) action, stories and news. Games all week, with little down time. It makes for a ton of information to absorb and retain. While it's not difficult for the NBA fan to get the information, it takes TIME to really amass it. For fans who have all the time, this NBA season could be one of the best ever.

Another positive is the amount of games. While 82 is a ton, 66 seems right. Only problem is the pace at which those 66 games come at. That is what the down sides get into:

The down sides are where it gets intriguing. Teams don't have as much time to rest and prepare for opponents. Teams, players and any additions to the roster have less time to mesh. Everything is rushed. The start of the season saw the presumed sloppiness that's subsided since. As mentioned in the first paragraph, depending on the time and how hardcore of a fan you are, it's more difficult to stay on top of a quicker moving NBA.

While it's easy to complain about how hard the league can be a challenge to stay on top of, the quality is the biggest issue. Without the time, rehabilitation and preparation that's put into a normally paced NBA season, it's unquestionable to say the level of play could be even close to better. It's far from what's always expected of the best ball players on the planet.

What's the solution to these problems? An 82 game season is too long, but a 66 game condensed season is too quick, where's the middle-ground? The solution is a 66 game (or around that number) season that's scheduled at the 82 game pace. This takes 16 games off the table, BUT gives guys the same rest and burn they're used to.

The downsides are only economic. This would shorten each and every season which means less tickets to sell, games to put on national TV and focus (money) centered around the NBA. That's the only real reason for any NBA big wigs to oppose this idea.

Whether future NBA seasons follow the pattern of less games or not, it's clear that an accelerated season is brutal. Hopefully the NBA and it's players can stay on good terms so that another year like this can be avoided! Even hardcore fans should agree, less games during the season, increase the quality of the game.

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