NBA Fan Take: Metta World Peace Needs to Grow Up


Metta World Peace got everyone talking about him again yesterday afternoon. Not for his heroics on the court, crazy personality off the court, or his name change. Metta World Peace violently elbowed James Harden and was rightfully ejected thereafter. James Harden didn't return to the game and he's got a concussion (more on his health here). Metta World Peace, you've brought back the image you thought you'd gotten rid of.

Remember when his name was Ron Artest and the reputation he had after the brawl? Yeah, that is halfway happening again, Metta World Peace. People will think back and remember this and other times when he was destructive. Metta World Peace, how long will it take you to grow up?

It may never happen, but Metta World Peace can at least TRY to learn from his mistakes. After the brawl in 2004, Metta World Peace did learn from that disaster. Metta World Peace began to be active in the community and see the beauty in being kind to others. Pessimists can easily say he's learned nothing after this new incident and they're not completely wrong. There's no doubt that elbowing James Harden was uncalled for. Metta World Peace (or anybody) can frame it anyway they want, but it doesn't make it right.

Using the elbow incident as proof for saying Metta World Peace is still a bad guy is wrong. Metta World Peace has a questionable reputation, but it's not his intention. Players and plays that happen within games make some guys more emotional than others and no, that doesn't justify Metta World Peace's actions, but it begins to explain them. Metta World Peace is brought to life by things he or others do to him. This is simple and understood, but the amount of reaction you see from Metta World Peace is on a whole different level from most people. Clearly, as shown from Metta World Peace's track record.

While many people will continue to shine dark lights on Metta World Peace, I can tell he grows from these experiences (they shouldn't be happening, but he's not oblivious to his actions!). Metta World Peace may not even fully act like an adult until he leaves the NBA. It may take a long while for Metta World Peace to be OK with himself and the reality he lives in. That's ok. Great things take time to fine tune.

Metta World Peace, you messed up with the James Harden elbow. No one is cheering about it, everyone is concerned about Harden's health (pushing aside the Thunder's playoffs aspirations) and more maturing is necessary. Here's the bright side Metta World Peace: you can mature, you can learn from this! Metta World Peace, start with a belief in yourself and the confidence to know you are better than this. Most people may believe Metta World Peace will be a horrible guy for life, but I have faith that Metta World Peace can embody his name.

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