NBA Fan Take: Is Lou Williams the Sixers' Most Important Player?

ou Williams was huge for the Sixers last night. He held down the scoring late and the Sixers beat the Lakers 95-90. Despite Kobe Bryant having a big night, it was Lou Williams scoring prowess which got the W. Lou Williams is an integral part of the Sixer attack. Is Lou Williams the most important player in Philadelphia?

No, but when it comes to finishing games, Lou Williams is critical to how the Sixers finish close games. If Lou Williams doesn't have his shot going, the Sixers may feel best to go to Andre Iguodala. Let's face it, while Iguodala has shown some ability to hit game winners, he's not as money a scorer as Lou Williams. Lou Williams is basically a pure scorer. He's not a complete player. There's not a ton Lou Williams specializes in besides putting the ball in the basket.

While that's a problem as much as it is a blessing, that's Lou Williams role. He's great at scoring when called upon. Surely Lou Williams could expand his game. That's not the point. The point is Lou Williams is a streaky scorer and he's great when he's got it going.

The Sixers undoubtedly recognize Lou Williams is an option late in games. Doug Collins is a fabulous coach who not only knows how to communicate, he knows what's up with the game too. Lou Williams should be the Sixers main option in crunch time.

Lou Williams can be trusted. While he's going to take a terrible shot here and there, he will create a decent shot more than not. The Sixers need to ensure there are multiple plays and counters in the playbook to get Lou Williams open. This will allow him to operate despite defensive adjustments to thwart him.

How do you feel about Lou Williams abilities down the stretch?

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