NBA Fan Take: Lamar Odom to New York Could Work

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Lamar Odom is looking to rejuvenate himself after a hectic year. Lamar Odom was traded to the Mavericks as a salary dump by the Lakers and everything went downhill from there. Long story short, the Mavericks sent him home and now Lamar Odom wants to figure out where he wants to end his career. According to ESPN New York, Lamar Odom would be comfortable in New York.

Lamar Odom grew up in Queens, so playing in New York would be like going back home to play. His reasoning makes sense. Additionally, he and his wife Khloe Kardashian can do whatever business and late night partying they want in New York. It's the best of both worlds for Lamar Odom as a player and person.

Two questions arise from this: would the Knicks want him and would Lamar Odom have any interest in playing for the Brooklyn Nets?

The Knicks could really use an engaged Lamar Odom. Lamar Odom can do a bit of everything on the floor, but his biggest asset for the Knicks would be being a stretch four. Lamar Odom can come in, help space the floor for Carmelo and Jeremy Lin, and when he's given the ball he can and will knock down jumpers. Assuming Mike Woodson is brought back as coach, he'd have to buy into the defensive focus, but given Lamar Odom's versatility, I can't see why he wouldn't.

Another problem for the Knicks is what will Lamar Odom want to be paid. If the Mavs don't trade him before June 29th, he'll get the money he's guaranteed from Dallas and be a free agent. Will the Knicks try to put assets together for him, or wait and see if they can get a discount on his services? Those are the questions the Knicks are pondering if they've got interest in Lamar Odom.

If the Knicks didn't work out for whatever reason, what about being close and playing for the Brooklyn Nets? While they're further from contention than the Knicks (who still aren't super contenders to begin with), they've got a new arena and they're sort of in the same neck of the woods as the Knicks. Lamar Odom is getting close to the end of his career, so he may not want to help a rebuilding team.

The upside to helping a team like the Nets out is Lamar Odom could have a big role. If he goes there, signs a one year deal, plays a great season and then gets the situation and salary he really wants, it could be worth it. We'll have to see the way Lamar Odom and the teams I mentioned think this summer.

Wherever Lamar Odom goes, hopefully he shows he can still play. Last year was tough to watch a guy so great perform so poorly. You can redeem yourself Lamar Odom, I believe in you!

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