NBA Fan Take: Is Knicks' Jeremy Lin Overrated?

Jeremy Lin is rolling right now. He's led the Knicks on a seven game winning streak and he's being talked about everywhere. Jeremy Lin is a great story. He's defeated the odds and instilled a new energy in the Knicks. Things are going swimmingly so far, but is Jeremy Lin overrated? Or is all the talk around Jeremy Lin just too much hype for the young guard?

Jeremy Lin isn't overrated (yet). Jeremy Lin is just everywhere right now and if you don't watch him play, you can't gauge him as a player. Jeremy Lin has captivated me since his stint with the Mavericks in the summer league. Since that time, I've always cheered for him wherever he's gone and never understood why he never got much playing time. While predicting regular scoring over 20 didn't cross my mind, it was evident that not only would Jeremy Lin work hard, but he also had talent.

Jeremy Lin is a gutsy, tough noised player. He's willing to do whatever's necessary to succeed. Diving for loose balls, giving up shots for teammates to score, whatever, he just wants to win each night. Right now Jeremy Lin is a little over confident. He's hot stuff for sure, the team is winning and he's the catalyst. What many people aren't noting is that sooner rather than later Jeremy Lin and the Knicks will be set back into reality. Whether it's a loss, lower numbers from Jeremy Lin, or the Knicks ride back to mediocrity when Melo returns, something alone those lines is brewing.

Jeremy Lin is a stud. Yes he's from Harvard, yes he's undrafted, yep he's all anyone wants to talk about right now. As over blabbered as it is, Jeremy Lin is awesome. He CAN play. It's more than just some short lived story. This guy definitely contributes on the floor. Just don't get too lovey dovey about him or this team.

We haven't even seen them at full health. Amar'e (who's returned now) and Melo change the complexion of this team. Something should be done about the ball stopping money makers. All Knicks fans can do is have solace that now a passing point guard runs the show. Eager to see how they all mesh, for sure.

Jeremy Lin, keep making it special on the court. New York fans, don't get too wrapped into this. Soon this team and Jeremy Lin will show that they're human. It sure is fun to believe in Jeremy Lin-inspired immortality, but even that will be short lived.

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