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NBA Fan Take: Iman Shumpert's Tendinitis Kills the Dunk Contest

Iman Shumpert was set to dunk Saturday night in Orlando. Unfortunately, that's no longer the case as he has left knee tendinitis. Jeremy Evans, a great athlete from the Utah Jazz, will dunk in his place. While Iman Shumpert heads to the Canada drug pharmacy, how does this help and hurt the Knicks?

It helps Baron Davis and J.R. Smith get chemistry with the team. Baron Davis is just starting his season. Baron Davis has to get his game right and understand his teammates. While he's been watching on the bench and been around the team, it's different when you're out there in a game. Baron Davis needs to make the mistakes that come with starting the season and being on a new team. Turn the ball over a bunch, talk with the guys you'll be dishing the ball to and get an idea for how he can make his mark.

J.R. Smith needs to learn the plays the Knicks run. While he came in without a shoot-around or practice, he started off strong with this team. J.R. Smith is a scorer who can play with any team and be effective. Once he gets more of an idea for the plays and the places they want him on the floor, he'll be that much better. J.R. Smith has another chance to play tonight in the game against Miami. That will be key to both he and Baron Davis's careers as Knicks. This time will give them more minutes and burn out there.

While this time without Iman Shumpert may be short, as the All-Star break is coming, it's vital to the Knicks development. Hopefully the Knicks can get on track with a normal rotation once Iman Shumpert returns.

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