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NBA Fan Take: Clippers Finally More Relevant than Lakers

Good job LA. I’m glad you stuck with trying to make a deal and were able to grab Chris Paul. I’m actually quite happy that the Clippers will have more of a draw now.

What’s that? It’s not the LA team we all thought would be Paul’s landing spot. And again, that makes me quite happy. After talk of Paul heading to the Lakers in a proposed deal, David Stern vetoed the trade. Soon after, the Clippers submitted their own deal to which Stern said, “nah.” The guy wanted the world for Paul. Fortunately for the Clippers and the NBA, Stern came to his senses and agreed to a deal great for both teams.

Now, we can truly say there are two teams in LA worth watching. Even with Blake Highlight Reel Griffin playing last year, the Clippers were still an afterthought. With Chris Paul, the Clippers not only have a team to rival the Lakers in viewership and excitement, but also in the playoff race.

It’s about time the stepchild team of Los Angeles was respectable again. Don’t overlook the Clippers this year. Doing so would cause you to miss great entertainment and a playoff-caliber team. The Lakers had better not overlook them either, or they could end up watching the Clip pass them by in the standings.

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