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NBA Fan Take: Are Bulls Derrick Rose's Drives Creative or Forced?

Derrick Rose has a world of talent. He's an elite point guard destined to win, his overall game is coming to new heights. Where does Derrick Rose deceive fans with his ability to adjust his body and get into the lane? Derrick Rose drives into the lane, maneuvers his body in a way that looks amazing and flips up shots most of the time. While that's usually highlight worthy and fine and dandy, Derrick Rose forces some of these shots.

Shouldn't Derrick Rose force shots? Sure, occasionally, Derrick Rose is the guy who should be shooting for Chicago. Every star has a time in the game when they should be leading the attack. The problem is Derrick Rose is beginning to settle for these shots. While most fans view these shots as aggressive attempts to score, they're clearly a mix of that and Derrick Rose thinking he must get a shot up.

Derrick Rose has a great awareness of when his team needs him to score. He sees his team is struggling, giving up defensive superiority due to lack of offense. That awareness should remain. What needs to change is how Derrick Rose attacks.

Rather than simply driving in, dancing around and putting up a runner, Derrick Rose needs more fluidity in his offense. He has mid-range jumpers, three's and other elements to his game. Derrick Rose needs to balance these some more, maybe the Bulls should consider posting him up on smaller guards too. This will allow Derrick Rose to be less predictable and forceful with his offense.

Derrick Rose, being the smart player that he is, probably knows he's forcing up shots in the lane. It's not the worst thing in the world, it's just something that more people will begin to recognize and plan for. In order to keep opponents on edge, Derrick Rose needs to shake it up some more, try some different shots.

When Derrick Rose understands his shots can have more natural flow to them, that'll be extra scary. It may take time for him to see that some of the shots he's putting up look cool, but really aren't functioning within the offense. That's fine. Great people take time to come together. Derrick Rose will continually get better, but must realize he's forcing too many shots in the lane. When he does that, power to Derrick Rose and the Bulls.

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