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NBA Analysis: Pacers Darren Collison is League's Most Underrated Point Guard

Darren Collison is the most underrated point guard in the NBA. He's lightning quick, plays team ball and has improved his shooting. Collison gets the Pacer team into their offense efficiently. Many people don't talk about Collison, but why?

His stats aren't off the charts. Looking at the basic numbers, he just looks like an average player. What Collison does is tough to show with numbers. The way he runs the ball up even after made baskets, how do you show that? He'd be near the top of that stat.

The place where stats can tell a story is outside shooting. He's shooting 54% on above the break three's and 40% on corner three's. His corner three is actually the same as last season, but his above the break triples are up 22%!

This bodes well for Collison. The defense must recognize he can shoot. This creates an opportunity for penetration, gives Collison leverage. Additionally, it's less likely teams will leave Collison to double Roy Hibbert, or Danny Granger. The defense must remain honest and the Pacer attack doubles in effectiveness.

What will it take for more people to see the talent Collison has? Watch him play other elite PG's. Watching him play against Rondo, it's wildly clear this kid is a star. Maybe he's not an all-star, a franchise saver, or an MVP candidate, but this guy is a piece to a winning puzzle. Not a role player, but a guy who does a little more than what's asked of him.

He fits perfectly into this Pacers team. Not a Derrick Rose, Deron Williams or John Wall. Collison is not going to demand a huge payday (when it's time), so he's a great PG for the price. Building a team with lower cost, quality players is something the Pacers specialize in. Collison is the definition of how to get nice players on a budget. Let's hope he doesn't get dramatically overpaid in a few years!

If you haven't recognized Darren Collison is a great PG, open your eyes. Watch the Pacers battle the Celtics, Nets, or any team with an "elite" PG. You'll see that not only can Darren Collison matchup with the best guards in the game, sometimes he can trump the best guards in the league. Darren Collison, you've got a fan in me!

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