NBA Analysis: Is Larry Brown About to Return to Coaching?

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Larry Brown has the itch to return to the bench.

CSN Chicago interviewed (great interview, talks about a few different topics) him and he expressed how much he wants to coach. "I want to get back badly. I just don't know. The direction the NBA's going, it seems like they just want to get young ex-players and if you look around the league, there's not a lot of older coaches anymore. 'Pop' [Gregg Popovich] and maybe [Rick] Adelman, but most of these guys are younger, so I don't know if I fit that mold, but I still believe that I have something to offer and I was disappointed the way Charlotte ended. We go to the playoffs and then, 14 games later, I'm fired."

Brown's idea of a mold can be thrown out the window. While former players are getting into coaching, that's not the only type of guy that can coach. Mike Brown may be young, but he never played in the league. Larry Brown's experience supersedes any desire for a coach that played in the pros.

What problem does Brown actually run into? Brown's style of play is outdated! NBA teams don't wanna walk the ball up all the time and run methodical offense. That's the way Brown's teams play and it doesn't hit what the NBA has become. The NBA is a guard focused game and a game which is ever increasing in pace. Can Brown still coach with the same principles he's had in the past? Sure, but unless his team is talented (like the Pistons where), it's going to be UGLY.

Remember his Bobcats team? Yeah. They were low on talent to begin with, but Brown played a style played a style as attractive as an anorexic model. If Brown wants to coach again, he should lean up on his offensive reigns. Especially if his team is young and athletic! If that's the team he's given, how could you tell them to walk the ball up in semi-transition? Madness!

Imagine Brown gets the Wizards job. John Wall, one of the quickest guards in the world, would probably be told to slow it down. Let's hope Brown realizes the league is predicated on running and shooting three's. That's the nuance Brown will need to understand.

Larry Brown might get a shot to coach again soon. Cool. Coach Brown, see that the NBA isn't a slow paced snail race, it's now a horse race! Dictate the game with a quicker pace. If Brown incorporates that, he could add a new greatness to an already sparkling resume.

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