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NBA Analysis: Keep an Eye on Grizzlies Josh Selby

Josh Selby could be a legit PG in the NBA. He's got a ton of work to do, but he's dynamic and could easily have a great career. Selby is quick and he just needs to improve a couple parts of his game. Defense, passing and outside shooting are what he needs to prove. Selby's head needs to be on straight, he's had off the court issues in the past.

Watching Selby drive and score nine on the Knicks last night intrigued me. This guy is quick and he can get to the rim when he wants. His talent is undeniable. Can Selby become a real NBA player?

Selby is in the NBA, but he doesn't fit into the mold of an NBA player yet. Selby needs to show he can be a catalyst to a team effort. He's too single minded. This isn't high school anymore, Josh! If he can see that he needs to penetrate in and move the ball around, he can become more useful. Increase the unselfishness. Look to be a passing guard.

Maybe Selby isn't a passing guard today. He can take pages out of other great guards books and pick it up. Think Nash, Rubio, or Rondo. Being a passing guard doesn't mean you relinquish your scoring completely. Selby can scale back his scoring some to up his assist game, then bring some scoring in and round his game out.

Defense and hustle are things that come from wanting to win. He's gotta want to take the ball from the opponent, embarrass them at all opportunities. Iman Shumpert showed what I'm talking about last night, when he had to steals in a row. Selby just needs to show more engagement and hunger on D.

Outside shooting is something all guards need. Have it and it forces the defense to respect it, increasing the chance of blowing by them to the bucket. Don't have it and the D plays back, confusing you and limiting your options. Selby is a scorer and can probably hit from the perimeter when hot, but he needs to show his shot should be respected. Make the defense play close enough to him so he can penetrate, or shake them off the dribble.

Josh Selby reminds me of Jeff Teague. The Grizzlies traded Fran Vasquez, so either Jeremy Pargo or Selby will pickup the backup role. Selby has the tools, he just needs to become adept at fixing problems. Believe in him, despite off the court problems. Selby may surprise you with how he develops.

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